Guy Raps Dr. Seuss Books Over Dr. Dre Beats

Dr. Seuss stories can be tongue twisters without rapping them to Dr. Dre beats, but thinking of the level of concentration it takes to perform in this manner is kind of next level, not to mention eye-popping since listening to this guy rap and realizing that he put a good amount of time into this is enough to make you wonder why, but also figure that it’s not just from boredom. Before the coronavirus people were doing this kind of thing all the time, either to get noticed and thereby try to earn some fame here and there, or simply because they had something they wanted to show people and figured that this was the best way to do it. Realistically it would be easy to bash this act and try to pin down just what was wrong with it and why it’s not worth watching, but in trying to stay positive it’s likely to have gained the attention of many people simply because it’s not something you see everyday and, more importantly, it is kind of creative. It can’t possibly be easy though since trying to read a Dr. Seuss book slowly is hard enough when it comes to tripping over repetitive words that are designed to be difficult to read at any speed.

Some parents no doubt aren’t too fond of Dr. Seuss books since they do tend to ramble quite a bit, but there is a method to the madness. There’s also the inherent idea that some of Dr. Seuss’s books are racist and have racist themes to be found within them since the author was known to write material that was controversial even in its time but was still accepted much easier. This conversation unfortunately is bound to lead into why certain literature is racist and why other selections aren’t when in truth if one wants to see racism wherever they go they’re going to see it like it or not, even in kids’ stories. But the whole idea of rapping this book is something that’s meant to entertain, not draw a person’s eye towards whatever racial issues they might want to entertain because they have nothing better to do. Racism in kids’ stories has been a pervasive problem with some folks for quite some time and it’s not bound to let up since as well-known social justice warrior Anita Sarkeesian would say, “You have to point it all out.” Colin Campbell of Polygon has more on Anita. Well, to be fair, a lot of us don’t agree with that since pointing it all out isn’t just pointless and troublesome, there’s really nothing that can be done about it that doesn’t end up looking or sound petty. If a person wants to believe that something is racist even if there’s no obvious racist agenda or message coming from it then they’re going to convince themselves, and likely others, that the problem is still there and that those who say otherwise aren’t ‘woke’ and are willfully using blinders and maybe even (gasp) ‘white privilege’ to keep themselves from seeing it.

In any case, Dr. Seuss has been a family favorite for a long time when it comes to many people, and many of the actual stories and some of those that feel as though they’re long rambles have become classics over the years as people have taken to them in a big way. The cadence that can be attained when trying to read them quickly or in a type of rhythmic fashion is something that a lot of people have done when reading these books to their kids over the years, but rapping them is something that would take time and skill to accomplish likely since it’s more than a little difficult to get the right inflection and pause in just the right way to make the story make some kind of sense. Those that would try are braver than others since the knots that one could tie their tongue up in might be considerable and the times it would take to right the verses and get going again would probably be kind of tough. But obviously this guy made it work for him since he manages to get through the story eventually and comes to the conclusion at one point. Some folks might actually be inspired to go out and try to read a Dr. Seuss book in this same manner while others might just look at it and shake their heads since it’s not something that just anyone is bound to pick up on the fly unless they’re that good when it comes to rapping and keeping their place with every passing moment. In a way it is kind of impressive to watch even as a person might wonder if they could do it without breaking down laughing, since for a lot of us this kind of endeavor might feel a bit silly, but it might be worth a shot. Dana Baardsen of Best Products has a list of books that range from easy to hard that some folks might want to try.

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