Guy Attempts Bart Simpson Megaphone Prank In Entertaining Video

Does this picture look familiar?  It might if you close your eyes and try to imagine that guy is really Bart Simpson and that he’s really inside a classroom looking out the window.  But don’t worry, we also have the Simpsons clip to back this up.  Youtuber  The Backyard Scientist wanted to see how loud a chain of megaphones would actually be, and it turns out you can get things pretty close to 120 DB’s. That’s louder than a vacuum cleaner and about on par with a rock concert.

Check out his video below and learn more about sound below.   But first you must relive the moment with none other than Bart Simpson himself.    While in real life I don’t think we’re breaking any fish tanks and letting an Octopus loose, I do think there’s some merit here.  Either way, it’s fun to watch.

Here’s the actual video called the “Bart Simpson Megaphone challenge

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