Grey’s Anatomy Review: Did Amelia and Owen’s Marriage Weather Amelia’s Surgery?

Grey's Anatomy

This is the Grey’s Anatomy we love. What should have been one of the most frightening moments in the show’s history, turned out to be one of the most hilarious and inspiring to date. Before, during, and after Amelia Shepherd went under the knife, she exuded liveliness and humor. She also inspired others to take this attitude, keeping faith alive under some very trying circumstances. She did all of this with no guarantee that her life would be the same if and when she woke up, and with no guarantee of who she would be. After all of that uncertainty, it was almost a relief to answer such as simple a question as the state of Amelia and Owen’s marriage, even though the answer was anything but simple.

Amelia Shepherd has always been an impulsive character, and now we know why. At the very least we know that the brain tumor was responsible for her more erratic decisions which didn’t quite track with her real feelings. Her friends laugh about how silly it was that they of all people  never thought there could be a medical reason for her behavior. And though it is awkward to admit, we all do wish that we could blame our bad choices on a brain tumor. You have to give Amelia credit for the way she handles this process from start to finish. From the Wonder Woman stance she makes her surgical team take, to her painful decision not to take opioids because of her addiction, Amelia handles her surgery and recovery with bravery and wit. (I’m also going to plead my case right now that Greg Germann doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the way he delivers his lines, and his character Tom Koracick should be made a recurring character.) Amelia’s speedy recovery did not make her feel any less vulnerable, and this is how we know that DeLuca is an amazing doctor. He took cues from his teacher, and knew her well enough to help her realize that she was waiting for something to go wrong because the tumor had been controlling that feeling in her for so long. The step forward to Owen is one Amelia had to take herself. Thankfully she did. Maybe they will find out they aren’t as compatible, or maybe all their problems will now be solved. Either way, Owen and Amelia can start over. They get a second chance. There is hope.

There is a lot of hope going around. The joy felt from Amelia’s recovery seems to be contagious. Nathan doesn’t just make the big gesture to Megan, he makes the ultimate one by going to Baghdad and retrieving her son himself. Meredith can put aside her feelings to help him because this isn’t about them. It’s about reuniting a mother with her child, a feeling Meredith knows all too well as evidenced by that look she gives above. Derek would definitely approve. Maggie helps relieve Jackson’s stress about his quarter of a billion (!) dollar inheritance, even though Catherine later makes their understanding feel icky with that sibling talk. Ben is gearing up to make a big career change, which we are excited about even if Bailey is not going to be. Jo will be considered for the Harper Avery Award, even if she can’t submit her picture for fear of her husband finding her. Best of all, little Sofia Robbins Sloan Torres is coming home!

Nothing was more hilarious, and frankly frightening, than the crop of new interns. All but one of the interviewees had me scared for the future of the hospital, until I remembered what the original five were doing way back in their intern year. Sleeping with attendings, cutting LVAD wires, arguing in front of patients and then almost killing them, and on and on. As long as this new crop doesn’t kill patients, they can be whipped into shape. To keep track, we have:

-Vik, the guy who considers Grey Sloan his #2 choice (never, EVER mention that in an interview)

-Levi, the guy who slept with Jo in the season premiere

-Taryn, the new Alex Karev who dislikes legacy children of doctors

-Sam, the girl who insults the renovations but is impressed with the people

-Casey, the gay veteran who has personal experience with shrapnel

-Dahlia, who values patient connection

All in all, this bunch shows some promise. Better to be honestly awkward than completely inept.

Bravo to Caterina Scorsone for her wonderful work on this episode. To hope, and the journey ahead.

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