Big Brother 12 Final HOH Competition Part 1 Recap

As we pick up with the first part of the HOH competition, the guys each tell Big Brother in the diary room that the Brigade is finally dead and that they will throw each other under the bus if need be. Well there is no one else to throw each other under the bus to when you think about it. Unless they are worried about the jury house, people, who really could care less which one of them wins.

During the slang-a-thon, Enzo mentions wanting to find the person who came up with the concept of the HOH game and give them a Jersey beating. I agree wholeheartedly on that statement, because for a man it looks painful as hell… Not long after, Enzo is the first eliminated. He is so gone I bet…

After dropping, Enzo goes in the house to make some soup. He returns outside and not long after taunting the guys with warm soup, Lane drops next, and boy is he pissed.

After Julie talks to each of the guys, we finally get to meet Enzo’s family, who show me that Enzo is a pretty likable person after all. Plus after learning that the man works two full time jobs and has a newborn baby girl, I kinda think he’s the one show should take home the prize. Just saying…

Now it’s time for what I have been looking forward to and that’s Jury House drama! I can’t remember if a Big Brother Jury House has been this damn interesting and I stand by my proclamation that we should have a live feed from said house. Not immediately when the first person enters, but maybe when three make it in the house. Just saying. Anyway, Kathy made it clear that she hasn’t said much to Matt after he told them about his lie concerning his wife, but I think nobody has said much of anything since that debacle. Rachel is making a yellow picture for whoever comes into the jury house to feel happy and warm. Then she asks if she should make Ragan something separate if he’s the one who enters. Matt is scared for Ragan to come in, but it has more to do with him having to tell his lie to the only friend he would have in the house.

Ragan shows up and everyone is shocked, while Rachel is a little ecstatic since she will have someone’s buttons to push. After Ragan shows his eviction week DVD to everyone, Matt asks if they can talk outside about something. Kathy warns Ragan that he will need to take his drink for the news. Once Matt drops the bombshell, you would’ve thought he smacked the hell out of Ragan, who is “shellshocked.” I can only imagine Ragan replaying all the times he took up for Matt and had a target on his back in the process. I would be livid. After having some time to think about it, the other evictees join Ragan where he tells them about being a professor at a college, in the field of communications. This is Rachel’s opportunity to press those buttons she’s been itching to touch as she asks Ragan questions about their social game, which Ragan says is slightly different. When he tries to explain that Rachel was the cause of all the arguments in the house, Rachel blows a gasket, whining how no one cares about how she feels. To make a long story short, hell is about to erupt in the Jury House and I want a frontside seat.

Part Two of the HOH competition starts and it deals with the infamous face mashup, but this time it’s called something dealing with Frankenstein. Anyway, the person who guests the pictures correctly in the fastest time quickly (before the end of 2 minutes) is the winner. Lane goes first and his time was 1:13 seconds and he guessed correctly on all pictures. Enzo comes in and does the same, but his time is not so swift as Lane’s. He loses by 30 seconds, which pits Lane and Hayden as the two to compete next Wednesday night.

Are you guys satisfied with the results?

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