Grey’s Anatomy 10.06 Review: “Map of You”

Grey’s Anatomy 10.06 Review: “Map of You”


Derek is, once again, making miracles with the brain. He implants a patch that allows a paraplegic to use some of his motor skills again. Since the Alzheimer’s trial kind of got sidelined a few years ago, I guess he and Torres hooked up on this new semi cyborg approach to helping those who have been paralyzed. This is the first time we are hearing about this huge research event, which apparently Torres took on for Arizona to help with her amputation, which is just weird. It played such a huge role in this episode, with Torres backing out and then getting back on board again in the name of doing something for herself and getting away from Arizona. When Derek tries to get permission to remove the patch because the guy ends up having a tumor which would make that trial case null and void, he holds his brain hostage. I kinda thought that was funny and had never really thought about something like that before. Turns out, and it makes total sense, that if you are part of a trial and they want to remove the thing that allows you to move your hands again but you don’t want them to, you can deny the surgery. Genius. I mean, he dies anyway, but I respect someone who sticks to their guns.

I know that I’m biased and so that’s my disclaimer and excuse. I am so utterly confused by Arizona and her actions it’s not even funny anymore. If the writers want me to hate her then they are winning in a big way. After last week when they were at a bar and Arizona admits she was too drunk to remember that nothing, in fact happened, I thought it was all over with. Murphy, and really any of the new interns, are a weird bunch and I just haven’t connected with them as I have in the past. Murphy is just…weird and kind of mean. But Murphy just gushes to her fellow interns that there is someone and that she’s never felt like that before and she’s pretty much riding a unicorn the whole episode. When she introduces Emma to Arizona, she came this close to just peeing on her leg to mark her territory. It was creepy. Arizona finally tells her that, after apparently making out with her (when did that happen!) she realized it was a mistake and would never happen again and that she was just lonely. Murphy opens up about how she just falls in love too quick and how she thought they had something and cries and runs off like a teenager. Later, even after that conversation, Arizona lays in bed and texts her a very unprofessional “what are you up to?” and I am not ok with that turn of events. This is why Arizona is lonely in the first place!

Annie Potts guest stared as a wife with a dying husband. I love Annie Potts and her range and she did not disappoint in this episode. As a couple who find out the husband is dying, they decide to sell off everything and travel the world and do fun things putting themselves into massive debt because once the husband dies she will get a life insurance check to take care of it. The look of disappointment when they realize Christina can save him was so heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time I didn’t know what to think.

Which brings us to Christina. I realize she is leaving but they are doing a horrible job of not making it obvious something is happening. I don’t like how they are putting her and Meredith at odds after 10 years of such a strong friendship. After everything they’ve been through, I don’t get how Meredith all of a sudden being a mother is the thing that will tear them apart. I just don’t care for it, because Christina deserves better. She’s been through just as much and has been a staple of the show since the beginning. George got hit by a bus and that was horrible. Izzy, who I didn’t even like as a character nor the actress who portrayed her, pretty much just disappeared without a word with her ghost-seeing cancer. Now we are down to just Alex, Christina, and Meredith. Christina deserves something awesome, a job at Harvard or John Hopkins or something. Not to just be thrown by the wayside.

I get it, it’s a prime time soap opera. But after 10 solid years of episodes and over 200 episodes, I really hope they can pull some things back together when it comes to Christina and Arizona. I still very much enjoyed the episode, and because I’m worried and upset only proves how strong the show and its writing is, but come on!

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