Review – Gossip Girl 3.02 “The Freshman”

Review – Gossip Girl 3.02 “The Freshman”

GOSSIP GIRLMonday night’s lesson on Gossip Girl was about clean slates, starting over and letting the past be the past. But the surprising thing is that the lesson wasn’t just for the Upper East Siders that I have come to love (and hate), but for me as well. I say this because I learned something about evil tonight: Sometimes, if not all the time, you ‘will’have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Blair, Dan, and Georgina were the trinity of evil last night, but Georgina was not as demonic as her first season appearance. As I declared before, Georgina’s return to the darkside is mostly Blair’s fault and Blair should be paid dearly. And the one place Georgina knew that she could defeat Blair was the social circle. But can we really blame Georgina for Blair’s downfall last night? It seems as if Blair committed social suicide as soon as she stepped out of her limo or even when she foolishly didn’t heed the warning of Chuck about NYU not being Constance. Blair’s inane and delusional conception of ruling the masses of NYU made her, in my eyes, the true evil of last night’s episode, which only leaves Dan.

The lesser evil.

Yes, I had to side with Dan Monday night, even if he still made me cringe excessively when by saying something slightly doofish. The fact is that Dan, and Monday’s episode, proved a valid point that I have always preached: those who ruled in high school are subject to a jarring awakening in college, while those who didn’t will fit in more than they did in high school. I have seen/known plenty of guys like Dan in college (but not as pompous); who just constantly had people gravitate to them because they were just being themselves. When Dan got up and countered Blair’s foolish attempt at ruling court on a college campus, I forgave him for all of the tedious and vacuous incidents and phrases that transpired in the past two seasons.

For now, at least.

Hopefully, Blair will learn an important lesson, which is that if you plan on invading and taking over something you should research and plan your attack instead of going in half-cocked with the notion that people will fear you. Your mom is a near has been fashion designer, Blair, so chew on that for a bit.

Now, let’s move onto Serena, Chuck, Carter and Rufus for sec. I am conflicted about Serena not wanting to go to Brown in that I understand it, but I don’t understand it. Her reasoning in the end made sense, because thousands of people make that same decision, but they don’t go out their way to lie about it. I really thought that Rufus forgot that he was talking to Serena and not Jenny last night, because how he came at her was overkill/ I would have reacted the same as Serena, because Rufus has to adjust to the fact that Serena is practically an adult and he can’t just jump in with an iron foot to make her behave all of a sudden. I also don’t think that Serena was wrong in what she told Rufus as well, because it seems to have struck a nerve with Rufus in a way that could only mean that there was some truth to the statement. Rufus might need to work on that issue as his season arc this year.

Chuck’s idea was fantastic and this is where I didn’t care for Serena’s attitude. I had a feeling that Chuck was worried about Serena when she decided to not go to Brown and crashed at his place first. But the writing played Chuck’s motives for snitching on Serena so well that you didn’t know what to believe till Chuck actually said it. Kudos, Ed Westwick! Carter loves Serena and I hope he is an anchor for Serena for a while. I wouldn’t mind to see where this coupledom will go, because it seems tortured and great all in one.

Nate and Bree’s storyline was boring and it was self-explanatory to the point that I am sure every blog wrote the same thing about it.

All in all, a great episode. Way better than last week’s opener. Other than the stuff I listed above, I really need the writers to drop the highly naïve little rich girl stereotype with Blair and give her some depth, because I am increasingly finding her character laughable (not in a good way) and irritating. I love Leighton Meester and feel that they should return Blair to her season one roots where her attitude was understandable. Leighton deserves more than that, because she knows Blair and nobody else could play her better.

What do you guys think?

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