Godzilla vs Kong to be a “Massive Monster Brawl Movie”

A lot of us can probably recall that these two iconic movie monsters have met before in the past. Things didn’t always turn out the way people thought they would but then Godzilla vs. Kong really depends on where they’re fighting. Terrain is usually a big factor in any fight as it gives a decided advantage to one opponent over another. The weapons that each monster will use can be negated or amplified depending on what ground they’re fighting on. With King Kong and Godzilla though the fight could happen virtually anywhere and it’s going to be an epic that people won’t want to miss.

What we do know is that in 2020 this pairing will happen. What we don’t know is how it’s going to happen or what the outcome will be. There is the rumor that it’s going to be more than just Godzilla vs. Kong however, but the battle will be the main draw of the movie. Fans will no doubt be rushing to the theaters just to see the clash between these two kings of the monster cinema that have laid waste to so many throughout their theatrical lives.

The debate of who would win in a fight between King Kong and Godzilla usually seems to favor the gargantuan lizard considering that he has a few more natural weapons than Kong and is not afraid to use them. Their sheer size is comparable and is not their greatest weapon, but the ferocity that Kong brings to the fight is definitely greater than that of Godzilla. The massive reptile is typically only roused when something disturbs it, much like Kong, and the only reason these two seem to fight is to assert their dominance in some form. That being said it is likely that in any setting they will tear apart any landscape that exists beneath them. Neither Kong nor Godzilla seem to care much for anything other than their own survival and express a very real desire to be left alone. Kong however, in past incarnations, has at least been shown to have a soft spot for human beings, women in particular, which shows a bit of a weakness. Godzilla has no such weakness, but can be diverted from his path of destruction when he is challenged by another monster.

The most recent incarnation of Godzilla, which will likely be used in the upcoming 2020 movie, has already done battle with mutated creatures that feed off of nuclear energy, and has come close to being overwhelmed. This movie showed that Godzilla does have limits and needs help from time to time.

One scenario that might be fun to envision is this:

King Kong and Godzilla are fighting tooth and nail, literally, and are destroying whatever landscape they are currently in. Godzilla is gaining the upper hand, but at some point in the battle another monster or two enter the fray and begin to overwhelm one or the other of the pair. If Godzilla were to be overwhelmed the reaction of Kong could be to become enraged at the interruption and attack the newcomers out of anger. It would essentially be the feeling that these new monsters are attempting to gain dominance over Kong and Godzilla, and that is something that neither monster would be able to stand for.

It’s a thought, not a complete one but a thought.

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