Godzilla is Officially on Twitter and Instagram Now

Godzilla is Officially on Twitter and Instagram Now

Godzilla is Officially on Twitter and Instagram Now

You read it right, Godzilla is now on Twitter and Instagram and his page is rocking along just as one might expect. Daniel Alvarez of ScreenRant seems pumped about this development and there’s no denying that he and many others should be since for a while now Godzilla has been experiencing a big resurgence despite the slightly mixed feelings about his 2014 appearance. At this time his most recent appearance in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, has only continued to cement his place in pop culture once again and reaffirm that he is in fact one of the most popular movie monsters, if not THE most popular, of all time. His rule is going to be challenged in 2020 it would seem but even that is an epic that many people are willing to take sides on since the epic clash between Godzilla and Kong is something that’s going to divide people left and right considering who favors which beast and what kind of dds will be given once the full scope of their abilities are considered.

One can just imagine the Twitter war that might kick off if someone has the nerve to start it up when this next movie starts moving ever closer to the release date, since obviously anything said on Twitter is going to spark someone’s interest if it has to do with a part of pop culture that many people tend to think of as ‘need to know’.  At this point one thing that a lot of people, especially those that have seen the latest Godzilla movie, is that Godzilla is no joke any longer, if he ever was. As Gavin Jasper from Den of Geek! reminds us the final battle between him and Ghidorah brought back a form of Godzilla that we haven’t seen in a long time, Burning Godzilla, which occurs when he’s taken in so much radioactive energy that he begins to glow and seems to burn on the outside as his mere presence starts to melt and disintegrate anything he goes near. If that happened during a fight with Kong you can imagine that the big ape might not stand a chance since after all he’s composed of hair, hide, and tender flesh beneath. But one also has to take into account that fighting Ghidorah was exceptionally tough since not only was the three-headed lizard an alien from elsewhere, he could regenerate at an insane pace and was therefore almost immune to a great deal of physical damage. When you can have a head ripped off and just grow a new one it’s pretty evident that there’s not a lot that can stop you.

But the upside of this coming fight is that Kong isn’t a radioactive creature so far as anyone knows. Godzilla does need a good dose of radiation now and again to keep his energy up, or he starts to wear down. Kong on the other hand will wear down eventually, but it’s typically rage that keeps him going and he’s not bound by the same energy that Godzilla needs simply to survive at times. It’s going to be a good fight no matter who is favored to win, since the argument that Kong is so much smaller than Godzilla might still be true, but the fact remains that Kong has had many years to grow following the movie since the time periods are separated by decades. On top of that, Kong has shown to be skilled in using various items to aid in the battle, as during the movie he used a tree and a propeller to great effect. The two combatants will likely fight on Skull Island, meaning there will be less collateral damage to any major cities, but likely to the village that we saw in the movie since it doesn’t appear that Godzilla is coming alone. It’ll be interesting to see if the other creatures join in the fight to help their alpha or if Godzilla will command them to stay back somehow and let him handle his own business. Another rumor that might be interesting to entertain is that they won’t fight at all, but will somehow come together to battle a common enemy that appears. While that seems unlikely and not what fans want to see it might still be an interesting idea if it was to happen.

In the coming months it’s very likely that Twitter will continue to welcome in one of the most popular movie monsters of all time and will explode in a way as people start chiming in to see just who thinks will win between the two titans and what the overall story line will be. It’s a movie that’s been made before, but with the new technology and overall improvements to cinema it seems like it will be nothing short of epic.

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