Go To Sleep Baby Yoda Might be the Best Video of 2019

Baby Yoda

This video is enough to make a person wonder just how much of Baby Yoda’s antics the Mandalorian is going to be able to take, doesn’t it? The green little rascal is pretty good at getting around and despite being kind of a troublemaker enough people have decided that he’s just too cute and people can’t say anything against him. Despite being about 50 years old he’s still a child and thus is still likely to go around touching things and making a mess of stuff. He’s curious, that’s pretty obvious, but he’s also kind of hard to deal with at times since he can be helpful but he can also be a huge hindrance. One has to wonder if the Mandalorian had any inkling of what it would be like to take on a kid of any species, but somehow it does feel as though he didn’t have a good enough idea of what could possibly happen, doesn’t it? Any parents reading this likely have a good idea of what it means to get your kid to sleep and might get a good laugh out of the video since a lot of parents have been there and it’s easy to admit that getting a kid to go to sleep at times is one of the most arduous tasks in the world. Gael Fashingbaeur Cooper of CNet has her own view of the little guy.

Getting a kid that likes to touch and poke and prod things to go to sleep though is even worse since that inherent curiosity is enough to keep them going when their parent really just wants to collapse and call it a day. There are so many tricks in the book to putting a kid to sleep that the number of them might seem daunting to any parent. Getting something to eat, going to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, and many other tricks are usually seen as stalling techniques that a kid will use to get their way and stay up just a bit later. If anyone can remember though, every minute awake was a good minute when we were younger, since it was an indication that, if those techniques worked, that we were able to get our parents to do what we wanted and could make it work routinely if we did it in just the right way. Of course some parents catch onto this pretty quickly and aren’t as easy to fool since they might actually have a checklist of things to get done before the kid goes to bed or might simply deny the kid what they want once they’re in bed.

With Baby Yoda though it’s kind of hard to keep him down for the night since not only is he able to clamber out of his pram, but he’s a quick little bugger too and just HAS to touch things. Thus far he’s the kind of kid that’s just too cute and that many people get goo-goo eyes for since he’s so adorable, but he’s mischievous all the same. The methods that Mando uses to get him to sleep though are kind of comical since the dance video he views is nothing short of funny as one can imagine that a lot of people didn’t think Boba Fett had that kind of skill. Obviously Mando doesn’t appreciate it though since he’s firmly set on taking Boba out just to preserve the good name of the Mandalorians. That’s kind of interesting to think about though, who would win in a fight between Boba Fett and the Mandalorian. Despite what Ian Goodwillie of CBR says though Boba Fett is more than a lot of hype since throughout the books and the comics, even if they’re non-canon now, he’s been nothing short of a badass. The trick here though is that Mando and Boba Fett have a lot of the same capabilities and weapons. It would be a good fight really, but it would be hard to call since both of them are at the top of their game, which is a good reason to wonder if the mystery character in episode 5 is or isn’t Boba since it might make sense that he’d want to preserve his own reputation by hunting down the other man in the Mandalorian armor.

But back to the effort of getting the little green tyke to sleep. Parents everywhere can likely understand the struggle, but let’s hope we never have to hear Mando sing in the actual series, as it might kind of destroy his tough guy rep. What would bring it back though is the part at the end when the other bounty hunter decides to attack Mando and as you might guess wakes up the kid. Be honest, how many parents out there wouldn’t be just as ready to react like Mando?

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