George Lucas Says He Hasn’t Been on the Internet Since 2000

George Lucas Says He Hasn’t Been on the Internet Since 2000

George Lucas Says He Hasn’t Been on the Internet Since 2000

It does feel as though there are bound to be plenty of doubters when it comes to the claim that George Lucas hasn’t been on the internet since the year 2000. But the reason for it, at least one that has been given and highlighted, is that he hasn’t wanted to see or hear what the fans have been saying about him and the choices he’s made concerning his greatest Legacy, the Star Wars franchise. That’s okay if he really hasn’t been on the internet, since it’s likely that he’s been able to find pieces that have been written about him in newspapers and magazines. Over the years there have been plenty of people lauding his strength of character and there have been those thinking that he was a fool to give up his franchise to Disney when he could have continued to do what he wanted and taken the story in a direction that he wanted. But one of the reasons for giving it up was to spend more time with his family, which sounded laudable since spending time with your loved ones is in fact one of the best reasons to step back a bit. Not going on the internet because one is reluctant to see what people have to say though is not a great way to prove that you’re brave and above the pettiness of others, since if that’s even part of the reason he stays away then it makes Lucas look extremely over-sensitive and incapable of dealing with criticism.

Some might want to make the argument that he’s not since he has been around plenty of people that have likely tossed a bit of shade in his direction, but one reason why it’s easy to not care if he’s been on the internet or not is that the internet is a great tool, but it’s also a mess depending on what sites a person visits. For some folks, it might be impossible to believe that Lucas hasn’t been on the internet in so long simply because it’s something that so many people access multiple times per day and can’t appear to live without. Those of us that were born before 2000 can still recall the days when we didn’t have the internet as it exists now, and when getting online was a big deal since it was still fairly new and surfing the web wasn’t the easiest thing to do yet. Things have changed in the past two decades since the internet became a much bigger place than it used to be, and it’s not hard to avoid blaming Lucas for not having his face stuck to a screen as many others do on a regular basis. But still, believing that he hasn’t had a glimpse, a peek, or even a moment on the internet feels as though it’s inviting people to be gullible enough to believe that he’s abstained one hundred percent of the time. It’s possible, but it’s a difficulty that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to accomplish, simply because being online is addictive to some folks, as it’s almost like a drug that some people can’t do without.

To be fair, it’s nice to sit down with a good, old-fashioned paperback book now and again and not worry about what’s happening online and who’s saying what about who and what news could be easily avoided because it’s not exactly pressing to anyone other than those that decide to care about it. Trying to get away from the internet isn’t hard if one really tries since there are plenty of ways to go about your day without having to log on, so long as one has plenty to do and plenty of ways to contact others using what is being dubbed the ‘old-fashioned’ method. Thinking that George Lucas has been practicing those old-fashioned methods isn’t impossible, but it’s bound to attract a lot of doubters that might think that it’s a false claim. These are typically the people that are so hooked on the internet that going for more than a few hours without being online might give them the jitters, whereas there are still those of us that might enjoy a nice day off from the monitor in order to gather ourselves and just enjoy being disconnected for a while. The reason it’s so hard to think that anyone with access to the internet these days goes without being connected has a lot to do with the idea that almost everything in the world operates in some capacity on the internet, and if the only reason that Lucas is avoiding it is to avoid the bad press he gets from time to time, it kind of sounds as though he hasn’t really experienced it as fully as possible. But hey, to each their own.

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