George Clooney To Reboot Buck Rogers for 21st Century?

It does sound as though George Clooney is going to reboot Buck Rogers but it doesn’t sound as though he’s going to star in the series, at least at this point. Things can change so quickly that it might be that he’ll want some small part in it at some point, but as of right now it feels as though things are being pushed forward just to get them off the ground. It’d be nice to say that fans of the series might be getting excited over this but one has to really think of how many Buck Rogers fans there still are since the initial series came out in 1979 and only lasted until 1981. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of Buck Rogers fans out there that remember the show from their childhood days, and there are some that have still held onto their keepsakes and memories, but striking up the kind of interest that this show is going to need is going to require a pretty healthy budget and a lot of interest that hasn’t been seen outside of a Comic-Con in quite some time. With the current technology and a wide range of actors to pick from though it’s easy to think that the project should be able to find some way to be a little more impressive and possibly even come up with a convincing storyline.

But it has to be said that it does feel at times as though those in control of what we watch are doing their best to bring back a past that they believe was far more popular than it’s been for quite some time. That’s not to say that it can’t work, but there is the idea that bringing back old favorites can backfire, as it’s happened more than once in the last decade or two. But there’s a chance for every old story to be remade anew simply because the technology is better, the acting is kind of better depending on who’s doing the writing, who’s selected for each part, and how the project comes together. Buck Rogers might actually have a better shot at doing something productive this time around since it’s easy to imagine that everything that was supposed to be so impressive back in the day could really come together as it should in the current era. The effects alone would make this show worth watching, but adding in a story that people are going to want to watch will do wonders since it’s bound to drum up some genuine interest among fans that are ready to see this come to light.

A Buck Rogers reboot was attempted over a decade ago, but nothing came of it for a number of reasons. It might not have been the right time, it could have been something to do with budget issues, who knows. But Clooney taking over this project tends to make a lot of people feel that it could work this time around and that it might be the right time for it. So many older ideas have been brought forward again throughout the years that it’s easy to wonder what might be coming next and whether or not it’s been seen for a while or even heard of by those that might be able to shed some light on the subject. One thing that’s evident is that nostalgia is playing a big part in today’s entertainment and it’s being pushed in a very big way as it has been for the last several years. Some might say that this is bound to happen in cycles and they’d be right, but it does feel as though the need for bringing old ideas to the forefront has been increasing in popularity over the years and is bound to hit a crescendo at some point since one has to think that there are only so many ideas that can be revamped before people are going to hope for more new, innovative ideas to come forward. On that note however it does feel as though things have been fairly balanced as there are new ideas coming out that either haven’t been seen before or have been adapted in such a way that a lot of people don’t even realize that they come from much older ideas.

There is a lot of hope that Clooney’s name being attached to this project will do some good, but it’s hopeful as well that there will be actors found that can really launch this thing and get people talking since word of mouth could go a long way with this idea. We’ll be keeping an eye on things to find out how the story is progressing, but it’s fair to say that any forward movement is going to be a bit slow for now.

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