General Hospital Spoilers: Will Franco Turn Alexis in for Murder?


It makes the heart happy when people get over their imaginary issues and move on with the right intentions, especially when it comes to a brand new General Hospital. The end of the year was so devastating for so many as marriages were tested, friendships were ruined, and people were made so unhappy. Alexis is not in a good place, but she knows it. Does this mean she’s going to look for a way to get over her demons and move on in her life? She’s working on finding out what’s going on with Julian, and she’s going to confront him about what’s going on in his life, and what he wants with her all of a sudden.

Sam isn’t particularly happy to see her mother and father back together in the manner they are, but she’s going to trust her mother in that she knows what she’s doing at the moment. Can she get them to agree to get over whatever it is that’s bothering them and move on? Or will she stress herself out even more with her pregnancy trying to keep an eye on her mother and her father and their own demons?

Franco is desperate for Liz to know he had nothing to do with the death of her rapist. She’s not convinced it’s not him, but we know he’s been framed. He’s doing to do whatever it takes to find out who did it, and he seems to have some information that might shake things up a bit for so many. Is it Alexis who is responsible for his death? Franco has information that might prove it was her that was responsible. It seems, however, he’s not exactly excited about sharing the information he has on Alexis considering the fact it will hurt Sam. Will he do it to save himself, or would he rather save Sam’s suffering?

Sonny and Carly seem to be in a better place, but Carly is going to push him away once again. She’s terrified for her loved ones, believing it’s him that keeps them harmed and killed. She’s not going to be very open to reigniting their marriage, but we think she might open herself back up to it as time goes on.

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