General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Bombed Julian


Things aren’t getting any better for anyone on General Hospital. Everyone’s life is in a current state of turmoil, and there seems to be very little anyone can do about it at this point. Right now the world is focused on Valentin Cassadine and the fact that he allegedly murdered Nikolas, his own nephew. He’s the person everyone hates more than anyone else at the moment, but that can change at any time in this city. He’s ruining Alexis’ life, too. Because of him, she gave into the horrible temptations of her past and became drunk on a box of wine he brought to her. He knew what would happen in that moment in time, and he won that battle. Now she’s facing even more demons than ever, and he’s to blame. He’s slowly tearing everyone apart.

Now she’s leaning more to him than ever before, and she seems to embrace the fact that they can destroy the rest of their family. They were hateful and awful to them, and they want revenge. Alexis was doing so well, and now she’s going to change her entire life to help this brother of hers she has no real relationship with. It’s an ugly situation for them both, but he’s winning and no one knows this yet. Julian tried to kill Alexis, and she’s been through so much. Now we know that it was Valentin that planted the bomb in Julian’s car, and he did it to protect his sister.

Now she’s aware of this and she’s doing everything in her power to stay safe, but she’s tempted to form a relationship with her brother since he’s the first person to show her any real love and support. He’s going to work on Ava next. Ava did something horrible by switching Morgan’s medication so her daughter would stop dating him, and it went awry. It seems Valentin might know more about this than we originally thought, and he’s not allowing this to go without punishment. Will he go after Ava next, or will he find someone else to take care of before he finally gets to her?

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