General Hospital Spoilers: There is A Killer on the Loose

General Hospital Spoilers: There is A Killer on the Loose

General Hospital fans are just more confused than anything. We have so many questions. Like what is going on with all these evil twin situations and all that? Why are there so many of them, and what does this mean for all of the people around here? Why is Kevin missing and his brother, Ryan, working so hard to take over his life? And now that Laura is back, things will not work out well for him because she knows him better than anyone. In fact, he loves her. So the evil twin is working on getting her to run for another office so that she has to spend her time looking for money and raising funds to make that happen. She’s a woman who will get this situation under control if she feels that this is what the world needs, and that’s all good news. But that’s not all, either. There is a lot more going on that most people don’t even realize.

Right now, Maxie and her baby are going through so much. They have to face the fact that they have decisions to make. She’s befriend Michael, who recently lost his baby. And she lost her husband, so they have that in common. They’re working very hard, too, to have more in common than they do. They want to be there for one another, but they are both still grieving. She’s found a little comfort with Peter, but she’s still aware of all the lies that he began their relationship with, and she’s not sure she feels too good about that. She might just fall for Michael, who has no idea his own baby is alive and well and perfectly healthy almost right under his own nose. It’s all sad news for everyone involved in this situation.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

We just love them both, and we know they are living their best lives now. However, we cannot help but miss them and all that they bring to the table. They are everything we love the most in the world about this show, and that’s special in every which way.

What’s Next on General Hospital

So, there could be a killer on the loose next week when people start dying left and right. We hear that Ryan, well everyone thinks he is Kevin at this moment in time, turns to Ava for some help. And that is something that she will gladly help with as she is currently mad at the entire world. She’s mad that everyone is mad at her, that her daughter took the man she was falling for, and that everyone is against her. She forgets her own past transgressions, but that’s another story for another day. She’s a mess, and she’s willing to go out of her way to make sure everyone’s life is a mess, and that’s who she is as a person. We hear that the killings will begin next week, and we have to wonder who it is in Port Charles that will die.

The problem is that Ryan is super into Ava, and that’s not like Kevin. Kevin is a good man who has feelings for Laura that he’s had for a long time. She’s back, and he is suddenly into Ava? This is where things will fall apart for him. No one will believe this is really Kevin, and this might be the moment in which people begin to suspect that there is nothing good going on here — and that things might not be what they seem. We have a feeling it will all be quite ugly in the end. Ava is not a good character, and she will help him make a mess of his life, for certain.

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