General Hospital Spoilers: Mike’s History

General Hospital fans are not going back too far in time today. So far, we haven’t really gone back more than five or so years, and that’s all right. We’d love to see some older episodes, but these new ones also help us get things accomplished by remembering the many things that did work out in our time of need. We are happy for this, but there is a lot we can see happening right now. This is a day when we are going back to May 2019. It’s not a long time, but it’s long enough for us to get to remember a few things. This is a day when Jason is going to receive a phone call that is nothing short of entirely frantic and upsetting. He will panic about things and not have much else. Peter is going to share an idea that Molly had with Maxie, and Bobbie is going to show some purport. Anna will find herself in a situation that leaves her feeling bewildered, and Sonny is going to do all he can to smooth things over in his life for Mike. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with Mike.

He’s a Dad

When Mike was first given the opportunity to have a child, he didn’t think there would come a day when his son was going to take over the mob and become a situation like that one. He also didn’t want to be a father. He was quick to leave his wife and his baby when he was born and go off on his own life to do his own thing. This was not a good way to do things like make sure there was a happy relationship formed, and we don’t know how else to say that this would become a problem. Everyone has issues, of course, and we do get that. But, this was a situation that was nothing short of entirely upsetting for everyone involved. His mother remarried a police officer, and that man abused Sonny as a child. He blamed his father for this, too.

The Big Situation

When things began to take a turn for the worse, it was when Luke Spencer hired a man by the name of Mike to work at the club that he and Sonny owned. When he hired this man, he had no clue whatsoever that this was a man who was also a father. A father to Sonny. Over time, they were able to find some peace with one another that they might not have been able to find otherwise. It took some time, it wasn’t quick, and things didn’t make much of a difference to anyone around here as a whole. But, they did it. Mike opened his own place, he did his own thing, and he left his son to take over the role of being the decision maker in their lives.

His Past Mistakes

We know that Sonny didn’t really have much of a place to judge his father and all that he did. He abandoned a child, he had kids he didn’t even know about, and he did a lot more that just didn’t make that much sense. But, at the end of the day, he also had some good times. He was a man who did things his own way, and he was a man who did them so that they worked out well for everyone. But, Mike made mistakes. Sonny tried to look past them the best way that he knew how, but he’s always had a bit of a troubled relationship with his father as a result.

Mike’s Health

When Sonny found his father after five years, he thought he might be gambling again. But, it turns out that he quickly realized his father wasn’t gambling and losing money. He simply couldn’t remember even the most basic things. It was clear to him that his father was not in his right frame of mind, and it was quickly discovered he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Sonny had to intervene and help his father in his time of need. This has brought them some peace, but in the most tragic manner of all.

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