General Hospital Spoilers: Anna’s In the Right Place at the Right Time

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna’s In the Right Place at the Right Time

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna’s In the Right Place at the Right Time

General Hospital fans have watched Nina and Maxie fight their entire lives. We have watched them go from close to far apart to close to friends to partners to enemies to the very closest friends from time to time, and we cannot even begin to understand what they continue to do with one another. But, right now, we are all shocked to see that Nina has decided that the very best course of action for her is to go through with things by asking Maxie for help. She’s going to ask her for all the help she can get, and she’s going to do with some seriousness. She needs her, and they will always be connected. They have Nathan to thank for that, which means they will always do for one another no matter how else things are going for them and in their lives. She will do this for Nina, and she knows it.

Peter is not a man who is going to end up in a good place in his life. He’s made some big messes of his life since he came to town. It’s like he came to town and he did a thing where he was a liar, but he was so charming that no one knew it was a thing. Then he did this thing where he was an even bigger mess who did things his own way because he wanted to make it right as he fell for people in town and decided he liked being there. Then he got all shady and questionable again, and now no one is sure what to think of him. He’s not in a good place, and things are not going well for him in the least. We cannot wait to see this fall apart for him, but we are wondering when.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

But, let’s be honest; this is amazing.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Ava’s been living on luck for a while now. She’s had a long run of bad luck for some time, and things have not gone her way in so long that it’s almost comical she’s even still here and functioning as a member of the Port Charles society. She’s been such a hot mess for some time, and it’s crazy to us that she’s made it this far. She’s got a lot going on in her life, but her luck is changing and things are not going to work out for the best of anyone’s life. Things are changing for her right now, and that’s a big deal. She’s got so much going on right now, and we appreciate that in every capacity. On the same note, though, we also know that Anna is going to have something happen to her today.

She’s in the right place at the right time, which doesn’t give us any reason to worry. We think that this has nothing to do with the many awful things going down in Port Charles right now, which is good news. She’s got a lot on her plate, but she’s seemingly not about to go through anything bad. We will take that with us and feel good about it in the meantime. But, then there is the fact that Laura is concerned. She’s got more than anyone in her mind right now, and she’s not sure how she feels and what to do and how to function and what to focus on. She’s got a lot on her plate, and she is not giving herself the very best of the best in the meantime.

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