General Hospital: Nelle Manipulates

General Hospital fans know that Nelle is nothing more than a terrible person who lies, cheats, steals, and tries to manipulate to get anything she want. And she’s going to continue her charade today. We think that this means she’s going to continue to pretend to be a good person so that she can have a chance to pretend she is the victim. She wants to make herself look good and to make Carly look bad. In her mind, she can get everything she ever wanted in her life if only Carly would just bail and never come back. If she can win, she can win.

Her motive is to make it look like she’s a good person who just wants a chance to be friendly with the woman who will be her child’s grandmother. Carly, of course, knows far better than this. It’s not in her mind and in her soul to actually go this route and be the kind of person that they all think she is. And Nelle is far more manipulative than most people even realize. The thing with her, though, is that she’s not smart about it.

She’s got a temper, and she’s not nearly as patient as she needs to be if she’s really going to take someone down. She doesn’t yet realize that taking someone down and destroying their lives means she has to be patient enough to wait for it to happen as she works on it correctly. She’s too impulsive and too much of a trainwreck, and her ego is too big.

So today she will continue to play the victim with the people in her life. She will act as if she is doing everything she can to make her life better, to make her situation change. And she will go out of her way to make sure she has a chance to be the person she wants them to all think she is. She doesn’t have that ability, but she’s not losing just yet. She will, but not today. Today she will continue to manipulate everyone in her life.

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