General Hospital: Nelle Dying of Kidney Failure

General Hospital spoilers tell us Nelle is finally reaping what she sewed. She was a massive nightmare to so many people in this little community, and she’s been attacked by a mugger. Michael found her and rushed her to the hospital, but her kidney is damaged and she needs a transplant if she will live. What will happen to her now that she’s got this kind of mess going on in her own life? Will she manage to make it, or will she find a way to get in more trouble from her hospital bed? We all know she’s not exactly anyone’s favorite person at the moment, but will they let her lie there and die after all she did to them? We just don’t know that any donors are overly willing to step up and help save her life after what she did.

We all know she’s minus one kidney as it is. Her dad took hers and sold it to Jax, and that’s why she came to Port Charles in the first place. She had to find the people who did this to her so she could work on exacting revenge against them for their crimes, and she’s been regularly working on that. But will she find a way to make that happen, or will she find a way to suck it up and learn to expect the worst from these people she hurt so badly? It might be too late for her, but Michael seems to want to help her. Will he step up and look into being a match for her? Or will he ask around to find someone who might save her?

She was just trying to save her handbag from a mugger, and it might cost her the life she’s so desperate to live elsewhere away from all the drama she caused in her own life. Will it work for her, or will she end up dying on a hospital table because she can’t get it together? There aren’t many words to describe what could happen to her right now, but it’s not looking good at the moment.

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