General Hospital: Is Jason Really Jason?

General Hospital fans want more Jason, and they’re getting more Jason. We want to know what is going to happen with Sam. Their history is completely crazy these days. They’ve been through so much, especially when he was missing on the island for so long. When he came back, she wasn’t certain he was Jason. She was certain there was something else going on with him. She finally decided he was her husband, and they’ve been pretty good ever since.

But what if she was wrong and he’s not? Or what if she doesn’t know she’s wrong because he doesn’t know it’s not even true? What if he’s been so brainwashed he can’t even figure out he’s not the real Jason and he’s been sent in as an imposter? He’s so good with everyone, though, and that doesn’t seem likely.

What we do know is whatever happens is going to cause a lot of issues for Sam and Jason. She’s already on the edge of a breakdown or a serious illness no one can figure out, and this kind of dramatic change in her life will not do well for her. She’s already such a mess, can she handle something like that? There doesn’t seem to be a good chance she can, but what do we know? She’s going to have to face some changes regardless, and we aren’t sure she’s strong enough to do that at this current moment in time. She’s so upset, and she’s so unhappy. This might be the end of her sanity.

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