General Hospital: Drew Saves Franco

General Hospital fans know Jim is not a good guy. In fact, he’s a bad guy who has to get his life together and in order to make things work for his own cause, which is no good for anyone else. And he’s currently in the middle of some stuff with Franco, but it turns out Drew is right there to save the man his friend Liz loves. He will shoot Jim, and then Drew will do everything he can to get Franco to start breathing again. Right now it looks as if things are not going well for Franco, but Drew has a history and a background in things that he’s not even sure of. We think he will be led to do something that surprises even him to keep this man alive.

Drew will never be Franco’s best friend, but they keep finding themselves in these situations that bring them together and make them work for what they have. They are not going to find things that will work for them that don’t put other people in a bind, but they might have something to work with.

Saving Franco is something Drew will do no matter how he feels, but that’s not a problem for anyone considering they get to work on their own lives in their own manner. They get to spend more time with one another lately, and they might find that they can tolerate one another as they move forward.

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