General Hospital Couples Who Won’t Make it Through 2020

General Hospital Couples Who Won’t Make it Through 2020

General Hospital fans know that there is one thing they can always count on; relationships never working out. There is nothing more than a lot of love given around here, but a lot of love is also taken. These men and women make choices that end their marriages in no time at all. They make choices that don’t bring them any joy, and they make a lot of choices that someone might consider questionable. Love doesn’t always last around here, and even the ones that do last have a long, hard, difficult road to climb as they hurt one another over and over in their marriages. So, while we have that out in the open, let’s get to the bottom of things. There are a few people we just don’t see making things work around here, and these are the couples we don’t think will last in 2020.

Valentin and Nina

She doesn’t even love him, and she walked away from their wedding. We know that she knows he is a horrible man, and we know that she is not going to sit back and allow him to do the things that he did. She’s aware of all of it, and yet she went back to him? Nina might make some questionable decisions in her life, but she’s not one who has ever done anything this questionable. We think that she has something else to offer, and we think that she has more to her story than just this. We think that she has to figure this out, and we think that she has a plan. We think she’s out to destroy him, and she’s doing it all on her own, in secret, and we also think that she is enjoying every last second of this and how it will eventually play out in her life. She’s not struggling around here, and we like it. We are glad to feel as if they will not work it out. She is so much better than this, and we all know this is the truth.

Finn and Anna

Becoming a dad is a real problem for him in his relationship. For one, he’s not just a new dad. He’s a new dad to a little girl who is not a baby, and he’s a single dad as her mother took off and left him there to care for this little girl he did not even know he would have. It is a bit much through and through, and he’s not sure how to handle it. It will not be easy for the two of them. For one, Anna’s kids are grown and out of the house and she’s done her role as a mother. She does think that Violet is a lovely little girl, but she’s not in this to be a mother all over again, and he’s not sure how to even be a father- at all. This is not a situation that is going to work well for them, and we think that their days are numbered. We don’t, however, think it will be an ugly split.

Lucas and Brad

First and foremost, we are really not even totally sure they will make it as far as next month. We think that they are doomed to end right here and now. The truth about what happened to baby Wiley is almost out, and Lucas is not going to be very happy when he finds out what Brad did. He doesn’t know that the baby he is raising is not the baby the Willow gave them. All the worry about her wanting to take his baby or the man who fathered the baby taking him from them, and he didn’t have to worry at all. Baby Wiley died, and Brad traded their dead baby for Nelle and Michael’s live baby on the way to the hospital so that he didn’t have to go home and tell his husband that their baby did not make it. And this is something that will never allow them to be good together. Additionally, Perry Chen is set to leave the show, so that’s another very obvious and telling sign that they will simply not make it as they go into the new year.

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