General Hospital Couples Who Bring Out the Worst in Everyone Around Them

General Hospital fans are a big group of people who know that there is very rarely a couple who works around town. They seem so in love, and they might actually be, but they never work. Some are just bad for one another — think Julian and Alexis and their serious chemistry but their very different lives and lack of desire to give that up for one another — but others fail not because they are bad for one another so much as they bring out the worst in everyone around them. Some couples are fine together, but those around them cannot handle it. We thought we might take a look back at some of the couples we think bring out the worst in other people in Port Charles.

Ryan and Ava

Oh, did they bring out the worst in the world around them. They were great together, if you don’t mind the fact that he is a super bad killer person who will take a life in a second — including the life of her daughter — but they didn’t make anyone else feel so good about them. They were a terrible couple in the eyes of everyone around them, not that everyone else was wrong. Laura and Kevin were especially horrified by all of their situation, and we are down with that.

Michael and Nelle/h2>

They were bad. They seemed very happy with one another for a moment, but we think that it was more about getting back at everyone else. She was looking to make Laura feel as if her life is over, and she does a good job of that. She is always bringing out the worst in everyone around her, but her relationship with Laura is the worst of the worst. She was looking to bring her down, to kill her, and to make sure she never lived a happy life again, and she did a good job of that for a very long time. They brought out the ugly in everyone around them, but only because Nelle has so much ugly inside of her.

Drew and Sam

They were not bad for one another at all, but they weren’t good, either. You see, she just loves Jason. She has loved him her entire life, she has always loved him, always wanted him, and always been with him. But when she thought he was Jason — so did he, to be fair — it was easy for her. When they all learned that he was not Jason but that been brainwashed to believe he was the twin brother no one knew they had, it was harder for her. They brought out the worst in Jason, who was barely able to keep it together. He wasn’t awful to them, but he was so unhappy and so miserable in so many ways.

Maxie and Peter

They are so bad for one another, too. But, they are also so bad for everyone around them. They bring out the worst in just about everyone they know. Half the people in Port Charles who love Maxie want her to see what kind of awful man he is, and half the people who really believe that Peter is a kind and changed man want to see them succeed, but they never will. Maxie wants to believe he is a good man, but she knows on a deeper level that he is not and he will never be. She’s having a hard time accepting this in every ounce of her being, but she is also having a more difficult time than ever ignoring this situation.

Valentin and Nina

He’s just a bad guy who pretty much brings out the worst in everyone he has in his life, but that’s not the point right now. The point right now is that no one in her life is approving of him being a part of her life. He is someone they all dislike and want to see in other situations. They want to see him gone for good. So, technically, they bring out the worst in everyone who loves Nina because they want to see her happy and know that is not something she will ever find with him.

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