General Hospital Characters We Hated and Now Love

General Hospital fans have been working so hard to keep up with what is going on in Port Charles for many years. There are so many characters coming and going these days, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them. Some strike a nerve with us, while others are clearly not going to do the same over time. For now, though, we are focused on those who like to make a scene so bad at the beginning of their tenure on the show that fans simply don’t fall for them. It’s not easy being a character on a show on which you are asked to do horrible things and create an ugly reputation for yourself, but there is so much more than that going on. We know, for instance, that there is nothing more fun that a character who comes on so strong we dislike them, but then they turn into a character we cannot get enough of. Who are your favorite characters you hated at first and fell for after a while?


The problem with Julian is that he always makes questionable choices. He’s never been a man who has done anything other than focus on the bad in life, and he’s been a man who has made it his mission in life to do everything wrong. He’s never made good choices. He’s never had a good reputation, but we love him. We did not always, though. Let’s get that clear. When he showed up in Port Charles, we all hated him. When he tried to attack Alexis, we went back to hating him. But, he always manages to redeem himself in a manner that brings out that soft spot we have for his bad-boy persona. He’s a man with a bad attitude, and we love it. As people love to say, though, he’s a handsome man. If he wasn’t a handsome man, but he still had the same personality, would we feel so kindly toward him?


Remember when she was a woman who was sleeping with Sonny even though he was clearly married to Carly? She knew he was married. He knew he was married. They are both to blame, but she should have been the one who made that situation stop before it ever had a chance to get started. She didn’t, though, and that was something we did not like about her. We disliked the fact that she was so anti-good, and we didn’t love her. She had a bad attitude. Her RBF is on fire, and her cockiness was not our favorite. And, then she fell in love with Jason. She morphed right in front of our faces. She still has the best RBF in Port Charles — and most other places, if we are being entirely honest — but she’s become more mature, wiser, and she clearly has no problem being friendly with people she was once intimate with. We get it. We like it. It’s okay for us.


She showed up in Port Charles as a gold-digging woman who had no redeemable qualities, but she changed. And we are about to take this one step further, too. We think that it has less to do with her changing as a character than it did with her changing as an actress. Literally, we mean she is not the same woman who originated this role. In fact, she’s not even the second. However, the first two women are phenomenal actresses. They are not bad at what they do by any means, but they didn’t embody the personality of Carly quite like Laura Wright manages to do. She’s clever, she’s witty, and she’s a workhorse. We hear she likes to spend her time focused on things that make her life easier, such as working hard, getting her lines right on the first try, and constantly learning how to grow and do better. We love her, but we didn’t always. We think she really became our favorite when she took over this role. She’s really good in it, and we like that about her. Carly, you really just don’t work unless you are played by Laura Wright, and that is just a thing we cannot handle.

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