General Hospital: Carly is on A Mission

General Hospital fans are very surprised to see that Nelle is in Carly’s home with Michael, but maybe not so surprised given the fact that Carly isn’t home. When Josslyn walks in looking for her mother, she won’t try to hide the fact that she’s shocked to see this girl there with her brother. She probably knows her mom would not be impressed to see her there, and she’s not trying to hide that, either. But what about Carly? Where is she?

She’s at the hospital. She knows that her husband was out to see Garvey when he went missing, and he’s now there being treated for his injuries. This means she’s there trying to get him to answer what’s going on. Garvey, though, won’t say a word to Carly. He still thinks that he killed Sonny and will end up in serious trouble. He has no idea he’s alive.

And Carly is not about to let this man stop with this. She’s going to track down Dante and tell him under no uncertain terms that either someone will get Garvey talking to her about where to find Sonny or she will find someone who will do it for her. And we think you know what Carly means by that. She’s not going to pull any stops when it comes to finding her husband, and she knows she will find him before much longer if she has to go in there and attempt to kill this man with her own bare hands.

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