General Hospital: Can Anna Save Valentin?

General Hospital: Can Anna Save Valentin?

General Hospital fans know that Anna has to do the right thing. It’s her job, and it’s who she is. She is someone who always does the job, even when she might not necessarily agree with the job. She has to arrest Valentin, and it wasn’t easy for her. She did make a promise to him, though. She is going to help him get off on this charge. She pointed out he didn’t give this deadly toxin to Jake or program him to release it.

All he did was sell it to the highest bidder. He had no idea so many years ago that Helena would do what she did, and now she is gone. What this means for everyone is they can only do what they can do. There is so much they can handle right now, and it seems they have a bigger issue on their hands. She wants to help him, but he seems to be reluctant to take her suggestion as being real.

She’s going to do what she can to clear his name, but can she clear it? Is there anything she can do to prove he didn’t do anything wrong when he had the opportunity to? She knows he helped her by trying to stop the boy, so can she use that information to get him free? He has a child of his own to be with, and people want to see them together more than anything else. Will they find a way to make it happen?

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