General Hospital: Alexis’ Makes Incorrect Assumptions

General Hospital fans know that Alexis is under the assumption that Sam and Jason are getting back together, but she’s wrong. We all know that Sam just wants some time to herself and that Jason is on a mission right now, but that’s not something that anyone can get out of their mind. They are working on the assumption that they have to make things work for themselves to get their lives in order, and they aren’t going to want to make it a friendly situation.

They are all lying to everyone around here, and they are not going to get to the bottom of anything until someone decides to start telling the truth about something. We aren’t sure what anyone hopes to accomplish the way things are going right now, but Alexis has put several people right on the spot with her questions and her desire to find out what is going on.

She’s not been able to get her life in order, and she’s going to make sure that some people are a little uncomfortable. She’s already made it possible for Julian and Kim when they are put on the spot at Alexis asks them about what is going on with Sam and Jason. She’s not someone who can keep her feelings to herself, and she’s not going to sit back while they do this. And we can’t figure that out on our own, either. Perhaps this is their time to shine, but they should clue her in.

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