Game of Silence Review: Dangerous Road Trips

Game of Silence Review: Dangerous Road Trips

Game of Silence

Game of Silence may have been cancelled last week, but for those of us who have been enjoying the series, there’s still plenty of story to get through. Jackson, Gil, and Shawn started out this journey as justice for their fallen friend, but it’s become so much more than that now. They have to get justice for all of the Quitman boys who never had a chance, and show the world once and for all who their jailer really is.

After his fight with Jessie, Gil takes off intent on going numb. He uses the money he stole from Boots’ killer to buy an expensive suit, hotel suite, and gambling chips. Then he pays a fortune teller $2,000 to hang out with him. This is what he would rather be doing than talking to his girlfriend. She obliges, then basically tells Gil he is beyond saving. He goes home to Jessie, but she is already gone.

Jessie tells Jackson what she learned on her trip to Austin with Carroll. Their suspicions that a judge indebted to Carroll may have something to tell them is spot on. Upfront the judge doesn’t give them anything, but he slips Jessie a note about a place of interest. Jessie and Jackson find themselves reminiscing while they make their way to where they need to go. Now obviously Jackson and Jessie did see each other after he was released from Quitman. When they were barely out of their teens Jessie called Jackson for help. They had a nice reunion that quickly soured when Jackson revealed just how scarred he was by Quitman. Jessie pushed Jackson to talk about it, and that’s how the two ended up committing murder one stormy night.

Back in the present, Jackson and Jessie arrive at Carroll’s secret ranch. All of Ray Carroll’s inner circle is in attendance, including Marina’s client Diana Stockman.

In a rather random storyline Shawn is pulled over on a random traffic violation. He is immediately racially profiled, with Boots’ son in the car no less, and arrested. He calls Marina for help, and boy does she come in guns blazing. Once things are settled Marina asks Shawn about Quitman. He tells her that it’s okay not to know all the answers, but she wholeheartedly disagrees. That gets Shawn thinking that he can’t have unanswered questions about the past. He knows that there were other kids at Quitman who disappeared without a trace. The nurse who rescued Shawn at Quitman doesn’t just know about Petey, she kept a record of every boy who went missing from that place.

Terry is furious when he finds his friend dead. He is tired of listening to Carroll when he is the one being attacked on all fronts. He goes on the attack straight in Marina’s direction. Jackson is too late to do anything about it because he is busy, shall we say reminiscing, with Jessie.

Will Jackson and Jessie’s rekindling throw a huge wrench into the group’s plans for revenge?

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