Fringe 3.16 “Os” Recap

Is it just me or did this last week’s break from Fringe make these past two weeks drag by? Lucky for us, the break was only a week and last night Fringe was back with a decent episode that had a pretty shocking cliffhanger!

To read Nadine’s review of the episode, click here and for your in-depth recap of what went down in our universe last night just keep reading!

In a short but sweet cameo by Jorge Garcia, we see Walter and Kevin the security guard at Massive Dynamic getting high while watching the security cameras. They laugh and talk of Walter’s only discovery since becoming CEO of Massive Dynamic. (Baconberry frosting….yum?) After catching a glimpse of a large wooden door on a camera it seems no one is ever on, Walter is told by Kevin that this is William’s office.

Walter of course heads there on a search for information. Still struggling with his inability to figure out Peter’s connection to the doomsday machine and how to stop our universe from ending, he figures there must be a way Belly can help him. His insecurity is heartbreaking as he considers that this is the first time Peter has been truly happy since they reunited and that what he did might back in 1985 might end this.

Then in a neat camera trick, we see two men climbing up (actually down) the Massachusetts Metal Depository building after stealing an unknown substance. Caught and then shot by a police officer, we slowly see one man’s blood trickle in mid air. The camera flips and we see that this man is floating.

Peter, meanwhile, is in his secret lair across the Harvard campus, full of all the information the Fringe team has collected regarding the doomsday machine and his role in its use. While working on the memory disks of the shapeshifters he took down, he receives a phone call from Olivia. With a constant smile on her face, she asks him to a street fair. As is typical in many episodes, this street fair excursion is hold once Broyles calls Olivia with new of this gravity defying case.

The floating men have stolen Osmium, a rare and extremely heavy element. The man who got away from the heist meets with a scientist, Dr. Krick (played fantastically by Alan Ruck of Ferris Bueller fame) and tells him about the incident at the Depository. Looking ill, he questiosn the doctor. Krick asks if he got what he needed and they meet later at his warehouse. As he gets into the car, he picks his legs up one by one.

By the time the two meet at the warehouse, the thief is in rough shape with blood dripping down from his eyes. Before Krick can inject him with the solution, he dies.

Just prior to his death, the Fringe team found a key card to the warehouse. Missing Krick by seconds, Peter and Olivia find it full of bodies while Broyles finds a number of wheelchairs. Noticing the atrophied leg muscles of all the victims, they discover these men suffer from muscular dystrophy.

We cut to Krick who is watching a wheelchair basketball game from the bleachers. He cheers on a young man and then eyes another who is watching from the sidelines. Upset because he’s never been healthy enough to participate in the game, Dr. Krick offers this young man a miracle.

Back at the lab, the whole fringe division team is working on the case. How could injecting someone with one of the world’s heaviest elements cause these men to float? Walter is unsure and unhinged. The man responsible is defying the laws of physics and could start a chain reaction of catastrophic events (sounds similar to another scientist we know yes?).

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