Fringe 3.01 “Olivia” Recap

When they get to the address that Massive Dynamic was supposed to be, the building isn’t there. Instead there’s a memorial to Martin Luther King and Eldridge Cleaver. Olivia looks around and finally realizes she’s stuck over there. That’s when she remembers an address to a safe house: 302 Shadowgrove Circle, Tarrytown. On the way there, Henry comments that the guy she had told him about must have meant a lot to her for her to go all that way and she says Frank’s name instead of Peter. Henry notices that and corrects her. Olivia is confused about why she said Frank. She’s slowly realizing that they implanted Fauxlivia’s memories in her and she is starting to remember them. Meanwhile, Charlie visits Frank — Fauxlivia’s boyfriend – and asks him where Olivia might be. Frank tells him that Marilyn is back in town so Olivia might go there.

When they get to the address in Tarrytown, it’s a suburban house. Henry asks Olivia if she wants him to wait and she tells him to go home. He says that a while back he was in a bad shape and couldn’t pull himself out of it. Inside, he knew he was somebody else, but nobody believed him. Only his wife Jasmine knew the man he really was. He gets emotional and Olivia smiles at him and thanks him. While Olivia leaves the car and walks to the house, I’m left wondering what exactly Henry meant by that. Could he be from over here too and have accidentally crossed over? Would that be too much of a coincidence?

Olivia rings the bell, but no one answers. She sees a window that is slightly open and pushes it up, letting herself in. She walks over to the mantle where there are several pictures of Fauxlivia, including what appears to be a recent one with her very much alive mother.

Someone calls her Olive and she turns around to find her alternate mother, who runs to her and hugs her tight. Olivia can’t help but hug her back. Soon enough, she realizes what she is doing and tells her alternate mother that she’s not her daughter and that her real mother died when she was 14. Alt-Mom eventually helps her remember Fauxlivia’s memories and she calms down. Faux-Charlie arrives and takes her back to the city. Has her brain has completely accessed Fauxlivia’s memories and now she believes she is her alternate self, or is she just playing along?

Faux-Broyles informs Walternate that they found Olivia and that she thinks she’s Fauxlivia. Then he asks why it’s necessary to make her think she’s Fauxlivia. Walternate says that that it’s not important right now and they’ll know soon enough. Faux-Broyles argues that he’s embedding an enemy into their team and he has sent one of his own into enemy territory. Walternate ignores him and congratulates him on a job well done.

Meanwhile, over here, Peter is being debriefed about what happened in the other universe. Walter and Fauxlivia — now blonde again — wait for him outside the building. When Peter finally comes out, Walter wants to go to dinner and Peter kisses Fauxlivia and they leave, with their arms around each other. Poor Peter. He has no clue that he has an impostor in his arms. I honestly feel for the guy. Who knows what will happen next week?

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