Fox News Host Chris Wallace Compares White House to “Game of Thrones”

Fox News Host Chris Wallace Compares White House to “Game of Thrones”

The question is whether Fox News has been converted into a Trump mouthpiece or whether there is an uprising in the ranks coming to the fore. This past week has been highlighted by a clearly dysfunctional White House administration, leading many to question whether or not there will ever be stability in the rank and file of the Trump administration. People leaving, senior adviser security clearances being downgraded, and the power of patronage, all have been talking points over the past few days in the media. Senior Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is telling the media that we need to look at the accomplishments of the administration thus far.

Some see Sander’s statement as the crew of the Titanic telling its passengers that there is nothing to worry about, as the Captain is trying to right a ship that has already been struck by an iceberg. The number of White House staff that have come and gone in Year One of the present administration can safely be called alarming.

Wallace’s quote, “Game of Thrones has nothing on this White House and this administration right now” has gotten plenty of media attention from both sides, with the problem being that Trump is being set up to be perceived as a King rather than as an elected official. But all this is of his own doing, because by now he should have enough experience in office to know what needs to be done to keep the ship from listing.

What can be overlooked with this focus on Trump is the status of Fox News as a Trump supporter. Critics of Wallace say that he is a progressive masquerading as a conservative at Fox News, and his head should be cut off and put on a pole. Others say that because someone at the news organization criticizes the direction of the ship is not reason to be concerned since Fox News advertises itself to be unbiased in its coverage. Still others maintain that Fox News has always been a progressive news outlet given that hosts such as Wallace, Shepard Smith, and the recently departed Megyn Kelly are clear evidence of what has been true all along.

If you are willing to set aside the drama and be objective, there is really not much going on here that warrants cause for going into panic mode. First, President Trump is a businessman, not a politician. He has shown he can act presidential, a trait he has improved upon over time, but he is not likely to approach the office of the president as a politician now or 3 years from now. This means that he will hire and fire people who are able to get the job done. If people quit and move on, it is just part of the way the “business” of the presidency is being handled.

Next, the overall media coverage of the Trump White House has been very intense, which means that every little thing that goes on rises to GOT dramatic proportions. Wallace and a whole lot of other people would definitely like to see some stability in the Trump Administration, but the government isn’t collapsing and the country has endured far greater problems in its 240 year history. The threat of a government shutdown is an annual event, the Russians have always been a problem, and China continues to challenge America economically.

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