Forging the Virtuous Treaty sword from NieR: Automata in Real Life

It’s a joy to watch these guys work, and this time they’re taking on the Virtuous Treaty sword from NieR: Automata, a blade that seems to defy reality just by design alone. The initial weld takes several pieces being forged and hammered together in order to form the section of the blade. This is a rather complicated blade as you can see from the scroll work that has to be done and the designs that have to be finished to exacting standards that these guys are so well known for. The piecing together of this sword is far different from many other blades that have been featured on this show and as a result is looking impressive and far more difficult than anything else. Yet they make it look so easy.

Every time these guys start making the blades take shape is just insanely awesome, and it’s no less this time. It really makes a person wish that they knew how to do this and could simply walk in and start learning. But these guys have been doing this kind of thing for years and the type of apprenticeship it would take would no doubt take years in order to even be trusted on projects like this. Plus, for this intricate of a design and with all the different parts that are going into it, expert hands are about the only thing that can really be trusted when it comes to such a beauty of a weapon. Watching these hunks of iron go from being formless blocks to finely crafted weapons is something you don’t just forget and, if you’re into weapons at all, is something that you can truly appreciate.

Unlike other blades that have been made in this shop however this weapon requires having holes drilled into it near the base in order to attach it to the rest of the project later on, as the blade portion is a separate piece from the rest of the weapon. It’s kind of an odd design but seeing as how it comes from a game in which the blades are all about fantasy and aren’t entirely practical it’s not too hard to figure that it looks quite impressive and somewhat exotic. The millwork on this blade is impressive because you should be able to imagine that anyone doing this kind of thing in the old days before there were machines and programs that could be run to perform this type of work it would have been a long, painstaking process that could have possibly taken months and even a year or more to get everything right.

It seems odd to have to rivet a blade together, but at the same time as it was already mentioned this blade is from a video game so reality and the dynamics of it aren’t entirely realistic. The fact that these guys can make it and make it work is amazing, but this isn’t likely a blade you would see on the battlefield back in the day. Something like this would no doubt be taken apart by someone that knew what they were doing in combat. But hey, it looks cool.

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