Fixer Upper Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce New HGTV Series

Fixer Upper Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce New HGTV Series

Did you really think that Chip and Joanna Gaines would just slip away from the HGTV spotlight? Their new series isn’t going to be quite that different from the show they’ve just recently left, but it will show dedicated fans just what goes on when the cameras aren’t normally rolling. Behind The Scenes, their new show, is going to depict just what the fans don’t always see as the couple work with the couples they design these gorgeous homes for every step of the way. From Joanna’s designs and Chip’s help viewers will get to see just how successful staging is used in order to bring the kind of style and artistic lean that is used to introduce every new couple to their newly finished home.

It’s not exactly a brand new show since they’re not doing much of anything different, but it will show what they do from a different angle so that people can gain a better idea and perspective of just how much really goes into fixing up each home. Fans tend to get the shortest amount of detail and the finished product on a normal basis when they’ve watched the show, but this time they’ll get to see what the couple has to accomplish in order to satisfy each client. It’s not just clever camera angles and a few random scenes with their associates and family, the Gaines’ really pour their heart and soul into their work. For a good while now people have been impressed by the work they’ve done and for good reason since the two of them have turned broken down old homes into palaces worthy of their new owners. Many homes that they’ve worked on have looked like they were about ready to fall down, hidden behind overgrown yards and trees that gave them the look of having never been touched for years on end.

There’s something about the Gaines’ however that speaks of a can-do attitude that just never gives up no matter how hard things get. This new show will be an extension of that but will give the viewer a more in-depth look at what they’re really doing to get these projects all laid out and how they work with the buyers to get the home decorated in the manner they desire. A lot of this is on the shoulders of Chip and Joanna as far as delivering on what they promise, but instead of the magic that seems to allow them the chance to simply know what the buyers will like they work with the future homeowners on a much more personal level, getting to know them so that they can fully understand just how and what to put into their home so that it feels like they’re walking into a place they’ve been hundreds of times before.

While it might seem like they’ve been gearing up to say goodbye, and it still might in the future, the Gaines’ are still a big part of HGTV that people love to tune in to watch.

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