The Five Worst Brett Ratner Directed Films of All-Time

The Five Worst Brett Ratner Directed Films of All-Time

If you are a keen observer in the film industry, you should be abreast with ratings of various films. You can access information about these films easily online on platforms that bring together reviewers and passionate viewers who are ready to share their views about different shows and films. But you rarely get a list showing worst or best movies done by a particular producer and that’s why today I am highlighting the five worst films ever directed by Brett Ratner.

Here we go.

Tower Heist

Although the movie has some interesting parts, it is evident Brett Ratner makes some clear mistakes that come to cost it credibility and reputation. One example begins in the trailer of the movie where there is a joke about epilepsy, and this part created a stir among viewers that Brett had to come out to issue an apology. He also goes on to include some gay slur that also angered many people, again forcing him to issue an apology. This is among few of the movies he directed that have earned bad reviews for including parts that are too sensitive or touching on some sections of people who feel their lives should not be castigated through hidden slur in films like this.

Red Dragon (2002)

On overall overview, the movie is not entirely bad, but there are glaring omissions highlighted in the movie that someone who has read the book will notice immediately. The mistake made in this movie is that it included some additional parts that could have been omitted to ensure the script flows smoothly. Compared to Silence of Lambs, the movie is a bit lower on the scale. The movie is also slow in some parts in a manner that may appear annoying to some viewers.

Movie 43 — (2013)

Released in 2013, Movie 43 is also among the worst-rated movies directed by Brett Ratner. Many people find the plot inconsistent and the storyline is not that much arousing as to keep someone glued to watch. Although the episodes in which Elizabeth Banks features there is some comic relief that makes it somewhat tolerable. Overall, Brett Ratner and his crew could have done a better job to make the movie more captivating.

Code Name: The Cleaner

The movie comprises of an oddly difficult-to-follow affair that comprises of bad and good FBI agents, who pop randomly everywhere. This makes the plot complex and it only reveals itself through starts and fits. Most of the reviewers so far find it lacking in the fun it is promoted as containing, but humor is something you cannot pin on everyone universally because this is dependent on the individual.

Money Talks — 1997

Money Talks is made up of a lot of moments and sentimental comic parts that don’t add up to make a coherent fable. Issue with the movie is predictability and this robs it of the power to keep you glued watching for the next steps. Ratner could have done better on this.

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