Five Times Kim Zolciak Biermann Was Not Exactly The Model Mother

Kim Zolciak Biermann has never been known for her subtlety. Since her days as a member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim has been gaining notoriety for her brutal honesty, her in-your-face personality, and her excessive lifestyle. In her most recent show on Bravo, Don’t Be Tardy, Kim shows us a new kind of parenting style–one that is not exactly viewed as favorable by many. In fact, Kim has been criticized multiple times for her parenting choices, and some have even deemed her unfit to be a parent to her five children. Here are five times that Kim Zolciak Biermann has proven publicly that she’s not quite the model mother.

Shocked by dog collar

In 2016, Kim posted a Snapchat video clip of her then 14-year old daughter Arielle getting shocked by an electric dog collar. Her husband Kroy Biermann was the one that gave her the collar and held the remote, and you could hear Kim say that she liked the idea of Arielle putting on the collar in order to get a chance to hang out with her friends. She posted the video with a comment stating how crazy her family was while egging on the entire situation. She might be the crazy one for allowing that to even happen.

Racy teens

Kim definitely did not receive the Parent of the Year award for 2017. For starters, she posted a racy Instagram photo of herself posing with her teenage daughters, Brielle and Arielle. The photo featured the girls and their mom in skimpy bikinis, and Kim got slammed for even daring to post these online without thinking of the image she is presenting for her teen girls. The photo was soon deleted, but we all know that once something hits online, it’s there forever.

Twitter joke

In 2017 again, Kim tweeted a joke that will haunt typical mothers everywhere. Instead of just buying tickets herself, she reached out to Chrissy Teigen via Twitter about getting free tickets to an upcoming local John Legend show. However, the way she worded it was just unbelievable. Kim basically made a joke about her daughter Brielle giving out sexual favors in order to score tickets. According to Kim’s own words, “Who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him??”

4-year old with a gun

Here’s another one for 2017. In another Snapchat post, Kim posted a questionnaire from school answered by her 4-year old Kash, who said that he loves his dad because his dad lets him play with a real gun sometimes. The gun that he is referring to is his dad’s real desert eagle pistol. While most mothers would argue that such a thing is inappropriate for a 4-year old and completely irresponsible on her part, Kim doesn’t believe so. She says that the gun is never loaded and that it’s always in a safe when not being played with. We don’t think she quite understands why many might think it’s wrong, but who are we to question her parenting skills at this point?

Alcohol Piñata

Kim’s most recent parade of non-model parenting appeared on Snapchat yet again. Kim posted a clip of her daughter Brielle trying to break open a Piñata. The Piñata was Kim’s gift to Brielle for her 21st birthday, and as Brielle finally broke the Piñata, we all see that it was filled with mini bottles of alcohol. It sure is a fun way to celebrate the legality of alcohol consumption, but we’re not sure if it’s even okay for a parent to endorse it. We guess that Kim will do whatever she wants to, and that may very well be what she teaches her children to aspire to.

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