Five Things You Did Not Know About David Hasselhoff

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The Hoff. David. David Hasselhoff. You can call him anything you want, but a superstar is certainly something to call him. He’s been in the business of entertaining the world since 1973, and fans are curious to know more about him. It’s not that we don’t know much about David Hasselhoff; he reminds us any time we are curious. But the thing that his fans want to know is how old David Hasselhoff is. He’s been working for so long that it’s easy to forget he’s as old as he is. Additionally, what is his net worth? We have everything you want to know about the former Baywatch actor right here.

1. What is David Hasselhoff’s Net Worth?

He’s been working on television and in the movies for so long that you might think he is worth a lot, and he is. However, David Hasselhoff’s net worth is less than you think. The talented actor is worth $10 million as of 2023, but many expect to see a much larger number there. His finance is his own business, so we are just reporting what the world says he is worth – and it’s not what you were expecting.

2. How Old is David Hasselhoff?

This is the question his fans really want to know. How old is David Hasselhoff? He’s a man who was born in the 50s. His date of birth is July 17, 1952, which means he is officially 70. He’ll celebrate his 71st birthday in 2023. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and he was raised in several places. He spent a lot of his childhood living in Jacksonville, Florida, and then his family went to Atlanta, Georgia. However, he graduated from high school in La Grange, Illinois.

3. When Did David Hasselhoff Decide to Become an Actor?

He was a child when he chose to follow his dreams and go into the acting business. He was approximately seven when he starred in the show Peter Pan and was hooked. The young David Hasselhoff knew right then and there that this was the future he wanted for himself, and nothing was going to stop him from becoming a star. His specific goal following his Peter Pan performance was to make it on Broadway. He wanted to be in the theater and worked hard to improve his acting to do just that.

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He did leave right away for New York City, though. Hasselhoff knew that he wanted to study acting and gain more experience. He took part in many theater programs, and he went to college. He was a student at the California Institute of The Arts, though he did also spend some time at Oakland University prior to heading there. His acting jobs weren’t on Broadway following his college graduation, either. Instead, he took part in the soap opera deal. He was a doctor on The Young and the Restless for years. He landed the role in 1975 and didn’t depart until 1982. From there, he was in several other projects in and around Hollywood, but it wouldn’t be until 1989 that he became one of the world’s most famous men.

4. Did Baywatch Make David Hasselhoff Famous?

He was a daytime soap star by that point, but yes. Daytime soap stars are big in their industry but have a very selective audience. Of course, they are the most dedicated audience of just about anything, but his Baywatch debut in 1989 changed the game for Hasselhoff. He was a star. Unfortunately, the show was not well-received and was canceled following the first season. Hasselhoff knew they had something very special to work with, and he did what he could to bring it back. Because he was earning royalties from the reruns, he had the money to buy the rights to the show. He worked diligently to bring it back in the early 90s, which meant he could have 11 successful seasons of this show to star in – and that was that.

5. Does David Hasselhoff Have a Family?

He does have a family, and they are widespread. The actor was married for the first time in 1984. He wed an actress. Her name is Catherine Hickland, and they have been married for almost five years. They divorced in 1989, and that is when Hasselhoff married Pamela Bach – though there were nine months between his divorce and his second marriage. His second marriage brought two children into the world. His first daughter is Taylor. She was born in 1990. His second daughter is Hayley, and she was born in 1992. He and his wife divorced in 2006. He was given custody of one daughter and his ex-wife the other daughter, and eventually, he could ascertain custody of both.

Credit: @davidhasselhoff

Hasselhoff married his third and current wife, Hayley Roberts, in 2018. They began dating in 2011. They have no children together, but they do spend ample time with their daughters. His youngest daughter was also a reality star on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

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