Five Things We’re Expecting from the Beavis and Butthead Revival

This might come as a bit of a surprise to a lot of people since quite a few individuals might have thought that Beavis and Butthead would be left in the past until someone finally dug them up just for kicks. Well, they’ve been dug up, and Mike Judge is back at it as the duo is making their way back to TV and back into view of the public. In a way it might be a decent time for this since there are already plenty of series out there that are a bit brainless and it wouldn’t be the first series that people had to dumb themselves down for. But as anyone could likely tell the world has changed quite a bit since Beavis and Butthead were still popular and it’s likely that they’ll be dealing with an entirely different society than they had back in the day, and as a result it’s likely that Judge will have to adapt their story line in a way that will allow them to fully integrate into the overall 21st century experience. When thinking back to what this series used to be like it’s hard to figure out why it’s being brought back, but then again nostalgia is a big thing right now, so really it’s not too surprising.

Here are a few things we’re expecting when the series does make a return.

5. It could be around for a while.

At the moment it sounds as though Beavis and Butthead have been approved for two seasons, so it could be that people will be given enough time to get used to them again and possibly come to enjoy them. If the animation is any better this time around, as it was kind of scratchy the first time, on purpose no doubt, then it could be that some folks might want to know why it wasn’t kept ‘old school’ while others might think that it’s a vast improvement. Trying to change things up a bit can go either way really, but it will be up to the first season back to really determine how well the duo will be accepted.

4. Somehow, some way, the show will be made PC.

This sounds almost impossible since the two characters have almost never been entirely PC apart from the idea that they’re not allowed to say or do certain things. But the fact that they’re offensive as hell and are bound to say just about anything and do anything is a part of the whole show. Without being able to let loose with them, depending on the channel they pop up on, it does feel as though a lot of the show could be lost and it might be come just another edgy, animated series that will make people laugh but at the same time not offer up anything new or provocative as they used to do.

3. There won’t be any music videos.

Keep in mind that Beavis and Butthead were a staple of MTV back when there were still music videos playing on the channel, and they had the chance to watch a few of them. This was actually a part of the show that a lot of people enjoyed to be realistic, but unless they’re going to bring back a few older music videos it doesn’t feel as though they’re going to have a chance to watch any videos. Plus, when was the last time anyone saw a music video on TV unless it was a special promotion or something similar? This doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a part that we’ll get to see, but I’ve been wrong before. It’d be kind of nice if I was this time.

2. There will be a bigger emphasis on their back story.

A lot of their story was just sitting on the couch, though they did occasionally get up and go out to do a few things here and there. But if Beavis and Butthead ever had that much of a back story it was easy to forget since there wasn’t much to their lives. Maybe this time around we’ll get a better idea of just where they came from, who their parents are, and how they came to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing for so long without being stoners or anything other than two pasty-faced morons.

1. The main characters might grow up a little, maybe.

That’s a big MAYBE since keeping them as they are is a big point of the show considering that if they grow up too much then there’s not as much to work with. Likely they’ll still be a couple of dunderheads, but at the same time it’s likely that they’ll have at least done a little more with their lives at this point. If nothing else it would probably keep the story interesting.

I can already hear the demented laughter.

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