Five Things This Summer Movie Season has Taught Us

The summer season is just about up in terms of the movies that are coming out and to be honest it was kind of a bombed season. All these great movies that were supposed to leave people breathless and wanting more just left us disappointed and wanting answers. The Dark Tower was perhaps one of the biggest disappointments for Stephen King fans, as it seemed a thrown together hodgepodge of badly written dialogue and bare minimum looks at the world of Roland of Gilead. Transformers: The Last Knight was so all over the place that it was hard to look inward and see the real core problem they were trying to solve. And apparently all curses in the Pirates of the Caribbean are now cured, so there’s really no need for another movie.

At times it almost seems like there’s a conspiracy to tear down the role of cinema in everyday life and begin anew. But there are a few things we can take from this summer.

Christopher Nolan has a free hand in Hollywood.

Dunkirk is the reason why he’s even on this list. He’s been taking such great risks for so long that those that hire him are willing to gamble that everything he touches will turn to gold. So far that gamble is paying off since Dunkirk was on of the few movies that actually did well this season. There’s always a chance that he might slip and make a misstep with one of his movies but as of now he’s simply infallible.

Good reviews weren’t enough to raise public interest.

Once word of mouth got around that some of these films weren’t really that great it was just one more nail to be driven in their collective coffin. Even though some critics are extremely forgiving others are just downright brutal and unfortunately this is a big reason why movies don’t get seen for the intelligent and smart features that they are.

The really big hits came before the summer ever started.

A lot of us thought that the hits of spring and winter were just paving the way for the summer season, but in reality they were only creating an empty road that a few beaten down old ideas managed to trundle down. Even being beaten up by the critics, some of the summer movies just didn’t have the necessary oomph to really get along under their own steam.

Guardians of the Galaxy was the only franchise that didn’t suffer.

Somehow this movie has captured the attention of so many people that it has flourished no matter what’s happening around it. The character and the story lines aren’t particularly challenging but they are still far more loved than the more serious and action-packed films that were supposed to give Guardians a run for its money.

Sequels are slowly squeezing the life out of their franchises.

Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aliens, and so on and so forth. Some sequels are demanded but should be avoided at all cost simply because they are not doing their franchises any favors. At this point it is like hammering one’s head against the wall repeatedly for absolutely no purpose. It might get something done, but it won’t be pretty.

Let’s just hope the fall lineup is more promising, and more successful.

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