Five Things That You Did Not Know About Mechad Brooks

The rush of superheroes that have hit the big screen has been nothing short of impressive.  This new love for everything super has allowed for a number of productions to hit the big screen and TV. One show that has captured a significant audience is Supergirl.  One the CW hit, Supergirl has a love interest with Jimmie Olsen, who is played by Mechad Brooks, which makes for a very interesting backdrop.

You can say that Olsen is Supergirl’s Lois Lane. While Brooks is quickly climbing up the heartthrob meter for fans, there is still probably a lot that you do not know about him. Following are five things that most fans do not know about Mechad Brooks.

1. He Was Once an Underwear Model

It is reported by a number of sources that Brooks was an underwear model for Calvin Klein. He is even quoted as saying that he had to channel his Zoolander inner-self before each shoot. He also commented that it is so difficult to take yourself seriously when you are attempting to make yourself look sexy. In somewhat of a comedic twist, his father advised him to choose boxers instead of briefs – primarily because they are less revealing.

2. Brook Majored In Television When He was In College

Brooks ended his high school career in 1999, and from there, he enrolled in the University of Southern California School of Cinema. The truth is that Brooks could have taken a number of other avenues to wealth and stardom, but there was something about being in front of a camera that drew him in. He is remarkably talented, intellectually gifted and highly creative.

3. He Bypassed a Football Career to Pursue a Career in Acting

On a Wendy Williams show in 2010, Brooks admitted that he literally turned down a number of athletic scholarships to play basketball in college, and that he also bypassed an opportunity to attend several Ivy League schools in order to enroll at USC, which ultimately led to him leaving school to pursue a career in acting.

4. He Has An Extensive Resume

While this is the first time seeing Brooks for many TV fans, he has actually had a rather extensive showing on TV and in films. He had a role in the Desperate Housewives series between 2005 and 2006, playing the role of Matthew Applewhite. Some other productions he appeared in include, Dollhouse, Glory Road, The Game, Valley Elah and more. He also played an attorney on the now canceled series, The Deep End.

5. He Has A SAG Award Under His Belt

While some of you may have been aware that Brooks appeared in the Desperate Housewives series, I bet you didn’t know that he received a SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a comedy ensemble. He was also an Image Awards nominee for the same role. It could be said that his role on this show is what built up the momentum of his career to reach the heights that it has reached.

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