Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Being Overweight

Movies seem to have a huge problem with getting things wrong about what it’s like to be overweight. Throughout the years the stereotypes have come and gone but depending on the movie they’ve been either really horrible or not that bad. The one thing that is kind of irritating to see in a movie involving bigger people is that they’re not socially acceptable and have to really fight to make their way in life. The image that society seems to want to send is that thin, tiny, or even muscular and trim are the only truly acceptable ways to be. It’s time bust down a few of those misconceptions about being overweight.

It’s not always a choice after all.

5. Skeletal structures do happen to differ form person to person.

This is partially true to be honest. People can have much bigger bone structures but it doesn’t necessarily do anything to affect their weight since the largest of skeletons doesn’t even weigh in at double digits. What does happen however is that a person’s skeletal structure can affect how they look, meaning that they will look husky even if they are in great physical shape.

4. It’s not the type of food being eaten that creates fat.

You can go to McDonald’s or any other place if you really want to, just think about portion sizes and not so much what you’re eating. If you consume food that’s high in fat, sugars, and sodium then you’re bound to gain weight if that’s all you eat. But if you balance your diet you have a much better chance of keeping your weight in check. Just eating snack foods isn’t the reason people get fat.

3. It’s inactivity that causes weight gain.

Not getting up now and then to take a walk, having nothing to do but sit on your backside watching the hours roll by, these are things that can promote weight gain. When the body is in motion as you see many bigger people in movies being then you’re burning calories. When you stop, your body will still burn them but at a much slower pace.  The more you stimulate your body the more calories you’ll burn.

2. Being overweight doesn’t mean you have no willpower.

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie Thinner, in which the lead character is looking longingly at a dessert tray. He’s a big man, overweight and definitely in need of some method to lose a few pounds, but the scene really perpetuates the myth that overweight people really can’t help themselves. People that are overweight still posses enough willpower to change their eating habits and their level of activity.

1. Fat-shaming is more damaging than actually being overweight. 

Having some extra weight on your body can actually be a lot healthier for you in some cases. What’s not healthy at all is the psychological damage that’s caused by fat-shaming. There’s no real cure for what kind of damage can be done to someone by riding them about their weight and making fun of them in a mean-hearted fashion.

Being overweight isn’t always that healthy but it’s also not a reason for society to start shunning people.

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