Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Golf

Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Golf

Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Golf

There are quite a few sports that a person really has to be into in order to enjoy them, and golf is definitely in that category since to some it’s insanely boring and to others, it’s intriguing enough that they might get excited by certain matches and have their favorite golfer that they enjoy watching. To be fair, it is a game of skill and it does require a lot of training to become an accomplished golfer. But it’s also a sport that is great to induce the type of drowsiness that can lead to a great nap. But in the movies, golf is often seen as a lot more exciting than it usually is in real life, for various reasons of course. Sometimes the sport of golf needs to be shown in a different light to make it appear as though it’s a little more exciting than it really appears to be, but since this happens in the movies, one should be able to realize that most of what they see is fiction. Golf is one sport that definitely benefits from the various touches that movies bestow upon it, even if most of the stuff that’s seen on screen isn’t realistic in the least.

Here are a few things that the movies get wrong about golf.

5. No one worries too much about the grass on a golf course. Actually, yes they do.

Between the groundskeepers and the owners of a golf resort, you do NOT want to start tearing up chunks of grass with each swing, since many courses tend to keep their fairways and greens in such impeccable shape that one could eat off of them, figuratively speaking. But some of the best courses in the world will actually be well-tended and will be treated with such care that one might think that every blade of grass was precious to those footing the bill to take care of them. The last thing a golfer should be doing is digging divots in the grass with their clubs, but it does happen from time to time. So long as people at least try to replace their divots, most courses will be somewhat understanding.

4. Golfers all weary goofy, colorful clothing. Nope, most of them dress pretty conservatively.

This is typically something you might see in the movies and nowhere else since it doesn’t matter if a person is walking the course or using a golf cart, comfort is key. Those bright colors and goofy-looking clothes don’t look comfortable in the least when they’re seen in the movies, and on top of that, the only other excuse for wearing them would possibly be to throw another golfer off of their game. That kind of trick rarely works though, and since most golfers don’t want to look like fools they’ll likely wear simple polo shirts and pants, something that won’t chafe as they walk the course.

3. Golfers wear their gloves at all times. No, not even close.

In the movies, one might see golfers walking around with their gloves on all the time, or even wearing their gloves on the wrong hand. This is a pretty small thing to worry over to be certain, but it’s something that serious golfers would notice. If you’re wondering why they wear gloves at all it’s the same as it is with many sports, gloves can give a person a better grip if things get damp or their palms begin to sweat. There’s no need to risk the possibility of a club slipping out of your hands when swinging, but it does pay to have the glove on the correct hand, and it can help to take it off from time to time.

2. Sure, you can heckle a golfer. Nah, they’d probably escort you out.

Considering the amount of skill that goes into golf it’s polite to give the golfers a moment to line up their shot and to shoot without any huge distractions. It’s simply the etiquette of golf that a lot of people want to see followed, and while heckling isn’t an automatic reason to kick someone off of a course, it’s easy to think that if it gets out of hand that the person will be asked to leave. How far they might need to go to get kicked out feels like it would be the responsibility of the course and to be realistic, it doesn’t feel that a lot of courses would allow a noted heckler to stick around for that long.

1. You can be a natural at golf with the bare minimum of practice. Only in the movies will this happen.

It’s true, you can be a natural at pretty much anything, but without practice that natural talent isn’t going to mean much since it will be a winning lottery ticket that you can’t cash in on since you haven’t earned it yet. You can have all the talent in the world, but it’s not going to grant you the time and conditioning that are needed to really hone those skills. Golf is a game of patience, skill, and that can’t be found any other way.

The movies make it look fun, but in real life, it’s a lot of work.

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