Five Things We Expect from Despicable Me 3

Five Things We Expect from Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 opened for the Fourth of July; first airing on June 30 and running until Tuesday July 4th for its debut weekend. It earned more than $99.3 million, and beat out box office competitors to become the Number 1 draw for the long holiday. The newest story in this highly anticipated sequel is that Gru faces the evil Balthazar Bratt, a former child star from the 1980s. Gru also meets his identical twin brother Dru, and they join in the battle against the villain Bratt. Steve Carell is the nimble voice of Gru and Dru, and Trey Parker voices Bratt. Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda are the Directors.

The film is rated PG due to its language. There are also some weapons and a destructive robot, which are high-tech; with plenty of action. Explosions, chase scenes, dart guns, and cartoon silly violence are there, too. For anyone who loved the previous movies, it’s probably a must-see. Most audience members have rated it an 8 out of 10. On the other hand, critics have complained miserably about its failures. In cases like this, it’s probably best to see it and decide your own verdict for yourself.

You might recognize all the 1980s songs on the soundtrack.

Without giving away all the details, there’s a lot to like about the music. Gen X/Y viewers who remember the 80s fondly will appreciate the nice coordination between the wild visual effects and how cleverly they have been integrated with the songs. The villain, Balthazar Bratt, is smitten with everything 1980s, and it’s loads of fun to enjoy the musical blast from the past surrounding this character. Most parents will completely enjoy the musical references to Bratt, even though these may pass right over the heads of their kids.

You’ll love the cameo appearance if you know your movie stars.

Most fans are making comments about this on social media. Some have called it priceless. Others called it sweet. But, you’ll have to watch and listen for the cameo in relationship to the plot line about Gru meeting his identical twin brother, Dru, who is somewhere in Freedonia. They do have a great fight, which really contributed to the feeling that they were real brothers. The cameo completes the family circle, but you’ll need to watch the film to understand how good the cameo truly is.

You will be impressed with the animation.

Critics are calling the action sequences intricate and masterful. Some view it as superior, inspired, and filled with craftsmanship. The opening scene, which introduces the evil villain Bratt, and the final scene, which is a showdown in the Hollywood hills attract special attention and honorable mention for their great animation.

You’ll see less of the Minions than in the previous films.

In fact, they may seem as if they are present much at all, and this might be disappointing for fans who’ve come to love their pesky ways and rude language. In the first film of the trilogy, the Minions literally stole the show, and launched an inevitable avalanche of Minion-themed merchandising. Their 2015 feature film made them the main attraction. But in this third film, they’re off doing Minion activities. If you are a total fan of the little mischief makers, you will be sad that they aren’t around.

You’ll be more disappointed than usual if you watch the trailers before you see the movie.

It’s unfortunate, but the advertising gurus have revealed almost every major scene and plot twist in the movie while attempting to bring in theater goers. Many in the audience have been disappointed that they saw so many of the best scenes before they bought their ticket. Avoid watching the trailers to avoid the spoilers, and just go and enjoy the delightful Minions, the corny humor, the outlandish costumes and characters, the tried and true plot lines, and be a kid again for awhile. That’s really what the Despicable Me franchise does best.

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