Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Street Science”

Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Street Science”

If you have an interest in science experiments then you should probably watch the Science Channel’s series “Street Science.” Kevin Delaney has exited his lab to hit the streets and show us some amazing science experiments that involve explosions, fire and other kinds of really cool stuff. You can watch what he does, how he does it and what happens. It’s even played back with slow motion footage. The show is filled with amazing demonstrations and in case you’re not already a fan, here are five things you didn’t know about the show that are reasons why you should tune in.

You will be entertained and learn useful information

People of all ages will benefit from watching the show because it combines entertainment with applications that help us the learn the hows and the whys of chemistry. We not only get an explanation, which can be read in any textbook, but we also see experiments take place in a step by step format. This is hands on science that makes it more real and more interesting and when we are interested in what we’re learning, it tends to stick in our memories longer. You can gain a lot of useful information by watching the show.

You can make science projects from everyday things

By watching “Street Science” you can find out how to make fun gadgets like a home made hovercraft with just a leaf blower and a few other accessories. You can also learn how to make an “instant nitrogen cloud” and much more. Not all of the experiments are safe to try at home, but some of them can be replicated safely. Both kids and adults will be able to get into this show and perhaps use some of the tips to have a little good clean fun at home.

Delaney is a professional scientist and entertainer

You get the best of these two worlds when Kevin Delaney uses his knowledge of science and combines it with his skills as a talented magician. The melding of these two creates the backdrop for an amazing display of science displays that do not contain a sleight of hand. He saves this skill for later, but it’s definitely influenced his creativity as he presents the elements of science to the world.

We see beyond what our senses tell us

When we watch either science experiments or magicians tricks, we think that we are seeing everything that is going on, but the truth is we only catch part of it. “Street Science” is a show that delivers on their goal to slow down the camera and explain the minute details that the average person misses in real time. Some things either happen or are performed so rapidly, that there is no way that we could ever catch them unless they are re-shown in a slow motion format. The show is really informative and it opens our eyes so to speak to the things that we cannot see taking place. It gives us a whole new sense of wonder as we grasp the reality of processes and other things we didn’t realize existed.

Delaney’s goal is to inspire and educate

It doesn’t matter if you’re two or a hundred and two, Delaney is out to inspire families to become interested in science and begin interacting and experimenting in safe ways. Reaching the kids with this sense of interest and wonder may in fact lead to some amazing discoveries in the field of science in the future. In the mean time, it has the potential for bringing families closer together as they find worthwhile activities that they can do together.

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