Five Things You Didn’t Know about Shaun Sipos

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Shaun Sipos

Some folks might look at Shaun Sipos and think of him as another Hollywood hunk type that’s there to make a film or a show look good because it can’t do so on its own. That might be true in some cases since he does have the qualities that are needed to up the value of a film, but he’s more than just window dressing. He’s had his fair share of roles in movies and TV shows and has proven that he’s go the right level of talent to step in and add to a production. But with the competition that’s continually taking place between actors it’s sometimes harder to get the roles that people truly desire.

He’s sticking around though, that’s something worthy of note.

5. He likes to live life to the fullest.

Whatever that means he’s the kind of guy that likes to accomplish it. This could mean that he likes to go out and have fun whenever the chance presents itself or that he fully enjoys being around the people he cares about and spending that quality time that’s so badly needed but isn’t always available. There are a number of ways this could be interpreted but one obvious way is to say that he just enjoys life.

4. He was in The Grudge 2.

If you didn’t watch it don’t feel too bad. The film got the snub from a lot of people that believed the first one was kind of a bust once it hit theaters. The Grudge though is a very strange but powerful story that details just how powerful emotions can become something inherently deadly when they’re allowed to linger and fester. The Japanese certainly started something freaky with this one.

3. He’s been a guest star in a few shows.

His worth seems to extend to starring on and showing up on various shows where he’s seen as a welcome addition for a time or just as a distraction or extra character that’s there when needed. It’s not so much of a negative point in his career really as it is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. He’s the guy that could be something so long as he pays his dues and remembers that a lot of people had to go through the kind of career he’s enjoying now.

2. He seems to be the guy that’s called for sequels.

The Grudge 2, Final Destination 2, and Skulls 3 seem to make this point since they’re all sequels from the originals and they’re all movies that might not have enjoyed the initial run or even partial success of the originals. For some reason it seems a little more acceptable to belong to a movie franchise that’s already been established than a B-movie that few people have ever heard about.

1. He was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. 

He lives in LA as of now but he was born and raised up north in lovely Victoria. Ever notice how people from all over the world seem to end up in LA at one point or another? It’s where Hollywood is at after all.

He could be on his way to something bigger.

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