Five Things You Didn’t Know About Norm Newberry

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Norm Newberry

The film and television industry is famous for congratulating its own stars with lavish award ceremonies. The Academy Awards, Emmys, and Golden Globes are some of the most prominent. At these ceremonies, much of the attention is paid to the actors. However, the individuals working behind the scenes are just as much — if not more — responsible for the productions that audiences see.

It was recently announced that one such individual, a man who has touched the lives of millions of viewers through his work without ever achieving fame, will be recognized at the upcoming Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards. Norm Newberry is set to receive the ADG Lifetime Achievement Award. This honor reflects the incredible work Newberry has done throughout his career. For those wondering what he did to earn this award, here are five of the most interesting facts about Norm Newberry.

5. He wears many hats

Newberry’s career has been important not only because he has worked on some major productions, but also because he has worked on these productions in so many different capacities. Over the years, he has worked as a production designer, art director, and set designer. Each of these roles has allowed him to use his unique and innovative talents to create incredible works of art.

4. He has worked on television shows

While Newberry is best known for his work on major films, he has also worked on some iconic television series as well. His career in television dates back to the 1970s when he worked as an art designer. In this capacity, he would help shape classic series like The Six Million Dollar Man, A Man Called Sloane, and Logan’s Run. Although most will recognize his film work, it is important to remember that Newberry has made an impact on the small screen as well.

3. He has designed theme parks 

One of the most unexpected and unique aspects of Newberry’s distinguished career is his work on theme parks. While most of his work has focused on film and television, he has also done a tremendous amount of work designing theme parks. Most notably, he was hired as the lead designer for Universal Studios theme parks. He would go on to design theme parks around the world for many years.

2. This is not his first major award 

Norm Newberry is not a household name, but that does not mean that he has never been recognized for his work. Interestingly, he has already won a major ADG Award. In 2010, he won the ADG Award for Excellence in Production Design for Avatar. While that award was likely a great honor, especially considering the success of the film in question, one can safely assume that his lifetime achievement award will be equally, if not more, meaningful.

1. He has pushed the limits of his industry 

Some people stand out in their field because they do what everyone else does, but better. Norm Newberry, on the other hand, is an artist who has never been satisfied with the supposed limitations of his craft. While he mastered traditional methods of design, he would later go on to become an industry leader in motion capture. This cutting-edge technology allowed him to push the boundaries of what most thought was possible, which resulted in films like Polar Express, Beowulf, and Avatar.


Norm Newberry is being recognized for the great impact he has had on production design over the past five decades. When he receives his ADG Lifetime Achievement Award, it will not be a reflection of his work on a particular production. Instead, it will be an acknowledgment of his years of hard work, dedication, and innovation. Fans of movies like Avatar should celebrate this award, as Newberry’s work on motion capture has helped to raise the bar for what audiences expect in today’s films.

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