Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nate and Jeremiah by Design

“Nate and Jeremiah by Design” is a popular reality television series on TLC. The two partners are married and do their best to assist home owners who have made serious mistakes when renovating their homes. Each has an impeccable sense of taste and style and their combined flair for interior design along with gut instincts allow them to deliver beautiful homes for their clients. Their show is popular and the fan base is amassing, but there is much more to this team than meets the eye.

Here are five things that you didn’t know about Nate and Jeremiah by Design.

1. They are setting an example for gay dads across the globe

Yes the show is about renovations, but it also gives us a view of Nate and Jeremiah as men. Their daughter Poppy is the love of their lives and they share the job of raising and loving her. No parent is perfect, but they certainly are trying to get it right. Poppy is well cared for and loved and these two show us how nurturing men can be.

2. Nate suffered a tragic loss in 2004

Not everyone is aware that Nate’s partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, fell victim to the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004. The two were visiting the country at the time. The effects were devastating for Nate. He struggled with the grief for a period and managed to pull his life back together. Although he has moved on, there will always be a place in his heart for his lost love.

3. Jeremiah is more kind and understanding than most lovers

Jeremiah married Nate with the full knowledge that Nate lost his love suddenly and tragically. The love that you feel for a romantic partner does not go away because the person passes away. Jeremiah has made the most selfless and loving gesture possible. He added a nod to Fernando as he made his vows to Nate. He feels a connection to Fernando and maintains a sense of honor for Nate and Fernando’s love story.

4. Nate had to pay for Oprah’s purchases on a shopping trip

Nate Berkus enjoys shopping with his friend Oprah Winfrey. On one particular occasion, she made it to the counter but realized that she had forgotten to bring her purse. Nate graciously covered the costs of her purchases and it gave him a great story to tell.

5. Nate and Jeremiah by Design is all about Love

It may be billed as a reality home renovation series, but it’s plain to see what is in the hearts of this couple as they work to help others. This is something that is in their nature. They feel good when they are helping others. They not only make the effort, but they are also effective in accomplishing their goals. Watch the program so you will get the full impact of how much their work means to the people that they’re helping. There are plenty of tears of joy along with the thank yous. Nate and Jeremiah are a special couple that go over and above to make the world a better place to live.

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