Five Things You Didn’t Know about Midnight, Texas

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Midnight, Texas

Midnight, Texas is yet another pilot series directed by Niels Arden Oplev on NBC. After the success of HBO’s True Blood, the show runners at NBC seem to have thought of digging a little deeper into the Charlaine Harris stash of horror manuscripts for yet another phenomenal series. It will begin airing on NBC towards the end of July with other equally hour-long pilots such as Chicago Justice and This Is Us. The series will be Oplevs’s third pilot series in a one year period since Game of Silence and Mr. Robot at USA.

The series will tell the story of Manfred Bernardo, a lad who moves to a spooky town at the suggestion of his grandmother. When he reaches to Texas, he discovers he has some supernatural powers. Things seem chill in the beginning. Shortly, Strong Joe, the town’s guardian angel and her husband called Chuy joins him. What follows is a thriller in the desert of Texas.

Here are five things you might not know about Midnight, Texas

1. The series is based on Midnight, Texas, a book by Charlaine Harris

The storyline of the series is from the popular Charlaine Harris’s book of the same title. Basically, the events take place in a fictional town called Midnight in Texas. Although most of the events in the series will be straight from the book, some have been intentionally added. Midnight, Texas is part of book series under the Southern Vampire Mysteries anthology which has had several series made on them. As it characteristic with many books in the series, the theme often involves supernatural beings and first person narration.

2. The series will premiere as a mid season entry in the 2016-2017 NBC’s schedule

Contrary to the usual tradition requiring series to begin at the beginning of the season schedule, Midnight, Texas, will start in the middle of the season. Although it was commissioned at the beginning of 2016, an array of filming setbacks plagued the production of the series necessitating the delay in the release. The exact date of its release is yet to be revealed. But since July 20 will mark the middle mark of the network’s midseason, there are a lot of speculations that it might be released on July 24, 2017.

3. The series has so far received mainly unfavorable reviews

Since its plot and trailers came out, the series has received mainly negative reviews. First, reviewers have been disappointed with the pacing of the scenes in which it appears to move way too fast in the beginning before stalling midway. Another thing has to do with the supernatural and mythical creatures in the series. The makers of the series have been pointed out for failing to create cohesion between the mythical characters which makes them fail to fit.

4. Although Midnight, Texas comes from the same series of books with True Blood, they are fascinatingly different.

If the two series were to be watched side by side, they will be as different as thorns and lilies. The plot in True Blood has been commended for being strikingly unique and quite interesting.

The series is Monica Owusu-Breenes first show as an executive.

She has a range of blockbuster movies on her name but this is the first TV series she will be the executive producer and developer at the same time.

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