Five Things You Didn’t Know about Marc Andreyko

Marc Andreyko is a comic book writer and screenwriter so you can imagine that he’s kind of a busy guy. As much as half of the world doesn’t really get into comic books the other half loves them and keeps guys like Marc busily trying to find a new story or a new angle to draw from in order to keep people guessing and keep them entertained.  So far he’s managed to do a bang-up job of both since he’s a very popular writer and has worked for DC for a while. He’s come up with an impressive array of stories and has also contributed to DC Comics in a way that only a few others have throughout its long history. He’s not entirely beholden to DC as he does other projects as well and keeps himself busy with his own ideas.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

5. He’s been asked to write a new Red Sonja story.

The Red Sonya we all know and love is till pretty much the same but her look has changed to that of a pirate and she belongs now, in this story to more of a steampunk era, which is pretty cool to be honest. How she gets by in this time period is unknown since I haven’t read comic books in years, but it should be worth a look to anyone that’s interested.

4. He’s a comic book writer.

As I mentioned above he is the man responsible for coming up with the story to go along with the pictures. He tends to figure out just where the characters should go, what they should do, and how they should react to their surroundings and whomever is in them. He does have to answer to those that determine just what needs to happen but I would imagine as a writer that he has some creative freedom.

3. He has an impressive list of titles to his name.

There are just so many that he’s written that it would be hard to list them all. The list is really that long, which says that he’s been in the business for a while and is about as indispensable as he can be at this moment. A good writer is one thing to find, and isn’t all that hard, but a great storyteller only comes around every once in a while and a person is lucky to find them when they do.

2. He’s openly gay.

This is not so impressive as to put him on a pedestal but it’s still enough to say that he’s proud of who he is and doesn’t try to hide it. In the current climate of the US it’s still enough for a person to say who and what they are and what they believe in without being targeted for it.

1. His stories are kind of dark with a very edgy undertone. 

That’s what makes them fun though. The danger, the allure, the idea that anything and everything could happen at any possible moment is what keeps fans coming back.

I’d feel comfortable saying that he’s one of a kind.

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