Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lucrecia Martel

Born on 14th December 1966, Lucrecia Martel is an Argentine producer, director, and screenwriter. She claims that she is self-taught because the film school she was attending was closed down for lack of funds. Lucrecia says that reading, watching movies, and writing played a significant role in her present success in the film industry. She had directed many short films, and worth noting is that La Cienega her debut feature film received a couple of international awards. A New York are film critics took a pool and voted the movie as the most celebrated Latin American film. There is a lot that people do not know about Martel including:

She is an Award-Winning Filmmaker

A list of the awards that have her name because of various works she has done include:

  • Coral Best Short Film in 1995 for Rey muerto- Havana Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention 2004 for La Nina Santa- Sao Paulo International Film Festival
  • NKH Award in 1999 for La Cienaga- Sundance Film Festival
  • Clarin Award Film Best Director in 2004 for La Nina Santa- Clarin Entertainment Awards
  • First Work Award- Special Mention in 2001 for La Cienaga- Uruguay International Film Festival
  • Silver Condor; Best First Film in 2002 for La Cienaga — Argentine Film Critics Association Awards
  • French Critic’s Discovery Away in 2001 for La Cienaga- Toulouse Latin American Film Festival
  • Alfred Bauer Prize in 2001 for La Cienaga- Berlin International Film Festival
  • Best Director Grand Coral- First Prize in 2001 for La Cienega- Havana Film Festival

Family Dynamics is something that Fascinates her

Lucrecia grew up in Salta in Argentina with six siblings. Family dynamics is a topic that she holds dear. When she started her career, it was unconventional for ladies to pursue the cinema field. She, however, went against all the odds to become successful in the industry.

Lucrecia Martel’s Greatest Inspiration was her Grandmother

She cannot thank her grandmother enough for helping her with her career. She claims that her maternal grandmother was a creative storyteller. Lucrecia says that she inherited the love of storytelling from her blood. It was combined with an interest in new locations, foreign languages, curiosity in life, and fascinations in the scientific realm. For Martel, reveals that these were factors that contributed to her cinema career.

She Sources Ideas for her Films from Different Avenues

Before coming up with a film, Lucrecia collects notes from things that interest her. She uses images but prefers characters, dialogue, sound, and abstract ideas. Martel keeps a book of records and often she uncovers that storyline or plot helps her to put things together. Lucrecia always develops her scripts in layers before connecting the dots to come up with the final draft.

She Hates Swimming Pools

One of the things that Lucrecia Martel does not like is swimming pools. She says that she always feels like they are dirty and ready to give users infections. Martel also thinks that owning a cube of water for a select few is similar to having a slave because a person ends up feeling that the water belongs to them as property. She, however, says that she finds pleasure in shooting at the pools.

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