Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Life Sentence”

“Life Sentence” is a new series on CW that is having an impact on viewers. The first episode aired on March 7, 2018 and it’s already popular. In case you didn’t catch the premiere, it’s the story of Stella Abbott who is a young woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. As she decides to live each day too the fullest, she is surprised to learn that the experimental treatment she’s undergone has cured her of the condition. Its’s a remarkable story line filled with serious moments along with a bit of humor. There are multiple directions the new show could take in the near future, which makes it exciting. Here are five things you didn’t know about “Life Sentence” to add a little more excitement.

It teaches us that there are consequences to our actions

When Stella believed that she was dying, she threw caution to the wind. With a limited amount of time left, she married the man that she had been seeing. This isn’t something she would have rushed into had she not been diagnosed with a terminal illness. In the show, we see her struggling with the consequences of her hasty actions. This is just one of the situations that arises in the aftermath of her living life to the fullest spree.

The plot could become dramatic

We’re not being told what is planned for the advancement of the story for the new show, but the writing has left it open for several different directions. Stella’s cancer was cured through an experimental treatment. There is no guarantee that the cancer will not return and once again put her on the terminal patient list. It’s an inspirational series, but there are likely to be a few scares along the way. We’re hoping that this leads to further depth and development of the characters.

The experimental treatment in the show is based on an actual therapy

Stella is given injections of the AIDS virus to arrest her cancer in the series. This is a new treatment that is in its developmental stages in the real world. Let’s hope that the real world application of the treatment is as effective as it was in the fictitious character Stella’s case.

The show isn’t as serious as the title makes it sound

There is no denying that there are serious and sobering elements of “Life Sentence.” There is nothing humorous about a diagnosis of terminal cancer. The funny moments come into play as Stella has to deal with many of the rash decisions she made when she thought she wouldn’t live a long life. There are definitely some funny aspects to the show and it’s a good example of how humor can be creatively interjected into the most serious of topics.

It makes us question ourselves

After seeing how Stella’s situation has evolved, it makes viewers wonder what they would do if they were in her position prior to being cured. How would you live your life? Is there anything you would change? Would you make some of the same choices and would you regret any of them if you found a miracle cure? They’re all good questions and with the rapid advancement of research and increasing cure rates, who knows what the future may hold.

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