Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Legendarios”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Legendarios”

The Legendarios is a television-based program that was aired as comedy as well as classified as entertainment by most people regardless of age. This television program was presented by Marcos Mion who had a casting team that helped him efficiently get to the crowd. The presenters in this show play a significant role by bringing out much humor which makes the program quite exciting at the end of the day. This television program was aired on Friday nights on television. It started on April 10, 2010. There are things that people do not know or things you are unaware of when it came to this shows. The show has always been known to have a large number of viewers as well as an excellent following on the media platforms. As time passed, the show gained a lot of favor, and the number of viewers increased. Here are some of the unknown facts of this program.

The Happenings in the First Phase

The show was started on the 10th of April back in 2010 where the presenter was mainly Marcus Mion. He had a cast which consisted of some few individuals like Mionzinho, Leo Line, Felipe Solaris, Elcio Coronto, Joao Gardo and Gui Padua. The show needed to choose a name, and therefore a group of Hermes and Renato made a step to select the name that would be given to the show. This is because the MTV Brazil had not released the name of the group despite the fact that they had the copyright. On December of the year 2010, the first attraction session ended due to the Christmas exhibition which was unique, and therefore the cast decided to go for a vacation and resume the show on the fifth of February 2011.

The Unknown Facts about The Second Phase

Leo Line chose to leave the program or show in 2011 hence moved to be the cast in the talk show, which was the late night Garde from Rede Bandeirantes. His departure was a shock to other members, but it didn’t stop the actors from working towards making the show better. This instance was succeeded by Joana Machado joining the cast of the program on November fifth in the year 2011. Joana was known for being the leading head of the season four of Fazenda. In the same year, on November nineteenth Joana left Mell, the humorist, and Panicat Juliana joined and became a reporter.

What was unknown about its third phase

The Legendarios show or program sought to incorporate new pictures and different scenery when they got back on air on the eleventh of February. The introduction of new images was to enhance the captivity of the program and also to increase the quality of production in the program. In November the twenty-second, Joao Gordo decided to leave, and the departure was announced. This happened at a time when there was the hiring of the record and the idols of the programs that was headed by Juror as idols.

The Untold Truth in the Fourth Scene

This is where new features of the season were incorporated and the broadcasting of the program was put up in high definition. It was believed to be a way of capturing the audience and encouraging more viewing of the program. This happened between the years 2013 and 2016. However, the humor that was initially there was not present anymore. This is because most of the artists never showed up reason being that they may have been invited to other shows. As a result, Joana Machado, Elcio Corona, Felipe Solari and the Mecancia group decided to leave the show after a few years.

The New Phase

In 2017 February, there was a change of the day of airing the television show or program. The station announced a change in the day due to readings that were not well laid out for its viewers to understand.The day was moved to a Friday after airing the show on Saturday nights for the past seven years. Well, on the other hand, the cast were slowly leaving the program for unknown reasons. On the February twenty-second, Felipe Pontes left the show and joined Panic Band.

In conclusion, Legendarios has always been and will continue to be a great show regardless of the ups and downs that it has sustained.

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